Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Lobbydog bites an incoherant Tony McNulty's stuttering ankles.
2. Jon Slattery asks what constitutes the modern media? Jack Straw doesn't seem to know.
3. Party Lines explains the new West Lothian Question. It's something to do with football.
4. Neil Stockley gives the new LibDems Communications Supremo his marching orders.
5. Glyn Davies is in despair at the Western Mail's coverage of the Welsh Assembly expenses row.
6. Tom Harris apologies for being a member of the Labour Party. At least I think he does. Ok, he doesn't.
7. Dizzy has received some unsolicited advice on how dildos can help his traffic spike. And not just his traffic, I'll be bound.
8. Michael White explains why the election will be in May 2010.
9. John Redwood joins Facebook.
10. UKIP Blog on a bit of a spat between the Czechs and the French, and why Nigel Farage has called the French Nazis.
11. ConservativeHome is looking for 100 new Tory Peers and is asking for nominations. Lord Dale of Tunbridge Wells has a certain ring to it don'tcha think?
12. Paul Waugh thinks Mandy has paid the price for being condescending.


@molesworth_1 said...

You were sat right next to her on Sky News, so, tell me, what keeps YAB's ears apart? Rocks? A pencil wedged in place? And why doesn't her ear-piece start howling with feedback, given the large, cavernous echo-chamber... etc. etc.

Will S said...

It's "apologises", not "apologies". ;)

Anonymous said...

Seems Like Rowan Williams does not like the government's wasteful spending in his daily Telegraph interview.

It seems to me:

Labour are the Deliver Nothing party!


Mr Jabberwock said...

Did you catch Alan Johnson on Today just before the 8am news slip in the statement that "We are having the coldest weather for 30 years". That didn't quite ring true to me so I have written about it (as a virgin post on a new blog) here...

Anonymous said...

I have never been in the Daley dozen have I ?