Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Sunday

1. Tony Sharp of the Waendel Journal explains why he is giving up blogging. Such a shame.
2. Norfolk Blogger has proof that gun crime is an issue in Norfolk. His parents have been shot at.
3. Redemption's Son is pleased that David Cameron is stepping up his game.
4. Quaequam reviews Lembit Opik's debut in the Daily Sport. He's not impressed.
5. Guido on what the army really thinks of Brown.
6. Vicky Ford has been busy criss crossing the East of England. And neglecting her blog.
7. Liberal Burblings mourns the passing of Miss Luke from Crossroads (aka Nora Batty), aka Kathy Staff.
8. Antony Little on a LibDem leaflet that has pics of Brown and Cameron, not no sign of Clegg.
9. Chris Ames reckons Hilary Benn is going freelance.
10. Andy McSmith reckons the X Factor song is not quite what it seems - and it should be sung my Max Mosley.
11. Dizzy thinks the behaviour of the woman who is suing Alex Hilton could be a little counter-productive.
12. Donal Blaney questions Tom Harris's nickname for Eoghan Quigg.

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Benny said...

My word, have you seen the shoe-throwing incident? I'm impressed with the reflexes of Bush!