Saturday, December 27, 2008

2008 Awards Poll: Ministers & Their Shadows

Over the last week 1,380 of you have voted in my mammoth 2008 awards poll. Over the next few days I will be publishing the results.

Politician of the Year

1. Boris Johnson 46%
2. Vince Cable 14%
3. Peter Mandelson 8%

Minister of the Year

1. Alan Johnson 18%
2. Ed Miliband 15%
3. John Hutton 13%

Worst Minister of the Year

1. Jacqui Smith 33%
2. Ed Balls 17%
3. Alistair Darling 13%

Shadow Cabinet Minister of the Year

1. William Hague 32%
2. Michael Gove 28%
3. Eric Pickles 13%

Shadow FrontBencher of the Year

1. Damian Green 50%
2. Ed Vaizey 17%
3. Justine Greening 16%


Houdini said...

Mandelson is a politician?

hatfield girl said...

No, H, he's an escape artist.

John M Ward said...

Not a bad set of headliners, though finding any decent Minister must have been a real problem this year, which no doubt explains the less-than-impressive results in that category.

As for Mandelson: yes, he is a politician, one of those who bring the behaviour of politicians into great disrepute. Therefore technically correct, but hardly a desirable form of the beast known as "politician". For every Mandelson, one needs at least ten decent politicians to balance out the harm he does to the breed's reputation in the public eye.

Paddy Briggs said...

So 50% vote for a Tory who actually wins an election – no surprise there then. And Boris has done what exactly since taking office? Sacked a top Cop. That’s about it – oh and flown in Economy class all the way to Peking and back - now that’s something I suppose. Well done Boris – who said that you don’t have the common touch. Ouch ‘though…

James Higham said...

Worst minister of the year is correct.

Simon Harley said...

Vince Cable? Isn't he a rather bad comedian with decidedly odd economic views?