Wednesday, December 24, 2008

LibDem Candidate Caught Faking It

About ten days ago I reported on the LibDem candidate in St Albans, Sandy Walkington, who was pictured painting a red post box with a dry paint brush. I speculated that the post box was probably still in the same dilapidated state it was in the picture. Thank you to the reader who has sent me a range of photos to prove just that.



Sandy Walkington is awarded the Ben Abbotts Memorial Award for Spin & Hypocrisy. But I wish him a Happy Christmas nonetheless. :)


John M Ward said...

I'm sure it's genuine, and it does look like it, but it would have helped for the "after" photo to have been taken from the same position, just to show that it is in the same place, and ideally with a date stamp superimposed by the camera.

That's just technical stuff. It comes as no surprise to find politicians "faking it" for the sake of a photo-op, and the LibDems are the masters at this, as first-hand witnesses have attested in my own area.

One of their tricks was to drop a bag-load of litter in a secluded place where they wouldn't be seen (they hoped!) and take a photo of one of their candidates pointing to this "disgraceful" failure to keep the streets clean, aimed at the (other party)-run Council.

As I have "eyes and ears" all over the place, I often get wind of these fakeries and can counteract them. Fortunately, most of the folk around here aren't daft, which is why LibDem membership of our Council has been in single figures since 2003...

Anonymous said...

Yes my new Blog is devoted to highlighting the failings and deception of the LD's.

I have take to questioning the motivations and movements of the LD's.

The Link to my Blog is on my name!

The Blog is called Nick Clegg = Neil Kinnock!

Here is a taste:

The double standards of the Liberal Democrats

The Liberal Democrat party are an organisation based on duplicitous positions and double standards. They are a party that is unfit for office of any kind due to the amateur and contradictory behaviour between what they advocate and what they enact.

The gross hypocrisy of the Liberal Democrats is not confined to the party but individuals as well. They claim they are Liberals but will try and suppress any exposure of their incompetence, their deceit, their lies and the underhand way they pull politics into the gutter.

The Liberal Democrats are doomed – DOOMED to failure, they are a wasted vote and refuse to see anything immoral in accepting stolen money but are the first to point to any other parties genuine oversight in transmition of funding, which have not involved stolen money. Not only do the Liberal Democrats piously claim genuine oversight but they claim they do not have to return stolen money obtained fraudulently by the donor from an innocent third party.

This is shamefully wrong!

What did this donation do for politics?

Nothing of substance, it provided funds for Two Horse race bar graphs that distort the true democratic parties standings and enable Labour to stay in power at the cost of genuine opposition advancement. No wonder the largest Liberal Democrat donor has quit the party in recent days, who would want to support a party that supports higher taxes when Labour are in the ascendant and then change the music but not the deed, when the Conservatives look to be dominating the agenda.

The Liberal Democrats are an extension of the Labour party, the Liberal Democrats believe in higher taxation for the middle classes. The Liberal Democrats have enabled Labour to indulge in “Immoral” levels of taxation that have distorted the economy and left the UK exposed to a severe recession. The Liberal Democrats have backed the huge levels of immigration throughout the Labour years; this immigration has absorbed the number of private sector jobs created leaving many British people without hope. The Liberal Democrats are the soft underbelly of Labour who wish to sell out into the European Union and adopt the EURO. The Liberal Democrats are the most shamefully pro - European Party that are pro-immigration despite the consequences for many of the middle class voters they “Claim” to speak for.

The Liberal Democrats are soft on Crime; they believe criminals should be entitled to money for being deprived of hard drugs like Heroin in Prison. This money comes from hard-working taxpayers and deprives public services of investment or a rebate to the hard-pressed tax payer. This is the result of the Liberal democrat’s craven support for the European Human rights act, which transfers moral and monetary advantage from the victim and to the criminal.

At the next election there will be a clear choice between the Conservatives and Labour, the Liberal Democrats are the natural allies of Labour. Labour will implement higher taxes, ID Cards, deprive law abiding individuals of their civil liberties whilst paying convicted criminals to break the law. How can we expect anything else from the Liberal Democrats whose leader advocated his primary objective was to get a hung parliament and increase the number of seats. How this helps Britain I do not know, it seems to just help the Liberal Democrats and indirectly Labour to pervert a once proud nation into an economic basket case where the Police state will sweep all before it!

Where the Seat is Liberal Democrat – the People need to shout:

LD LD LD – Out Out Out!

The Liberal Democrats are DOOMED at the next election; I look forward to the LD tent being crushed by the titanic Conservative and Labour party steam rollers and the perverse and self-interested parasites (LD’s) of British Politics will be out!

Anonymous said...

The Liberal Democrat's and dog excrement:

Never before in the field of politics have so many Members of Parliament had so much to be thankful to Man’s best friend. The humble canine has provided a whole political brand to be manufactured out of ‘shit’ management!

The LD’s not content with wasting rainforests on dodgy two horse race bar graphs actively campaign with their ace card: cleaning dog shit from the streets! For those who thought Tony Blair’s Tough on crime – tough on the causes of Crime was cheesy! The LD’s have adapted the message to: Tough on dog shit – tough on the causes of dog shit!

This central theme of dog excrement provides an interesting hypothesis – Do LD councillors and wanabe MP’s put on a yellow cape and overall’s paint their faces yellow and roam marginal seats at night with impish grins on their faces smearing dog shit on pavements, paths and footways? It has got to come from somewhere? Could they be that devious that LD pavement politics consists of remembering where the Tory/Labour posters were at the last elections and visiting the areas laden with bag’s of dog shit after midnight?

This might be what the nod and wink of pavement politics is about – multi-billion pound budgets hinging on lumps of dog shit in local election wards. Just think about it, when LD councils are elected, where does all the dog shit go to?
Posted by martin day at 04:57
Labels: LD Excrement Elections
Tuesday, 23 December 2008
The Private Parts of Labour

The Liberal Democrats are unique in political history as being a declared homogenous and single party political entity but being subject to Labour party leadership by proxy.

As each generation ascends, leads and falls a consistent pattern has emerged where the Liberal Democrats or there predecessors have propped up Labour or assisted in implementing high levels of taxation, debt, egging on Labour to Nationalise everything in sight or liberalising laws on prosecuting criminals.

Gordon Brown has taken the mantle up recently of playing with the Liberal Democrats like they were his private parts on a frequent basis. The only pleasure from this action is for the Labour party! Like Blair before him, they arouse the sensitive LD’s into a position where they are primed for action with support for the government. A tease and a wink of PR entertains the gullible and self-interested LD’s who let Labour leaders tease them around election time, to cut off the interest before terms of business are agreed.

The LD’s always go for A ‘Bird’ in the Hand rather than a ‘Bird’ in the Bush!

Maybe the LD’s do not want to penetrate government after all!

The LD's are doomed - DOOMED at the next election!

Anonymous said...

Fishing with Cable and Witless:

The Liberal Democrat party can be compared to a small fishing trawler bobbing around on the high political seas. For the last few seasons the LD’s have been satisfied with trawling for parasitic hauls from the great blue fish’s domain.

But Captain Witless (Clegg) has decided to change the catch as the great blue fish has gone off his bate. Instead Captain witless has decided to go for the Red Snapper Shark – the most aggressive and huge Fish in the sea. Captain Witless has targeted the erratic functioning Red Snapper Shark because he thinks it will soon be extinct.

The Political scene thus has a Captain who underestimates the challenge of getting his haul.

Captain witless at the next election will therefore abandon the great blue fish’s domain and chum the Red Snapper shark’s territory. As Captain Witless exposes the chum lines to the Great Snapper shark – the prey will play with the LD trawler and the hunted will become the hunter. The Red Snapper Shark will ram the trawler and the vulnerable old wreck will list as water surges into the vessel. Captain Witless will push Master Cable and First Mate Huhne into the Red Snapper’s Jaws as they are crushed and devoured by the Red Snapper shark and hungry Great Blue fish.

Then Captain Witless will slide down the deck into the Great Blue fish’s mouth and Captain witless's blood curdling screams echo through the Blue Fish's gullet as the leader of the yellow bird breathes it's last. Captain witless's last moments are encapsulated with thoughts of yellow taxis as he then goes to sleep with the fishes!

The LD’s are doomed – DOOMED at the next election! They will be nothing but bait for the main two parties! Such a good use for maggots!

Sam Usher said...'s a different post box isn't it? Look at the band underneath the dimples on the original.

DespairingLiberal said...

Odd then martin day that in the last few GEs, the LibDems did far better in Tory areas and from Tory voters switching. Or perhaps fear of that is what lies behind your accusations?

I can't help observing though from the photos that the one below does in fact look cleaner than the one above. How do we know they are the same box?

Note also that staged photo ops appear to be a stock in trade of all parties. It would be fascinating to do a book on all the false promises made at the local level during general election campaigns for example by both "major" parties. Not to mention the game-playing MPs in governments of each party who promise action on a given issue to their local media and commit to the complete opposite in Parliament.

Perhaps this name-calling makes you feel better at Christmas Iain but apart from a cheap laugh, is it worth much to go after such low-level targets? If we're going to have character assasination, can't we have it of MPs?

Personally I can't wait for the new fasttrack libel laws to come in! There will be some money to be made in these parts!

Anonymous said...

Despairing Liberal - The Liberal Democrats are doomed at the next election: What I am saying is the LD's will be crushed by Tories and Labour!

It is interesting you raise the spector of Libale: This is exactly the duplicity I dispise in Liberal Democrats and the reason I wish to see them crushd/Smashed/Defeated!

Chucklenuts said...
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Chucklenuts said...

This post is a good metaphor for Brown and the economy.

The MSM show pictures of him flying around the globe saving the world with his metaphorical brush, and yet when he's done a Mcavity and you look closely, nothing has changed; in fact it's got even worse.

Null said...

Martin Day, it would have been far less spammy to post a link to you blog with an explanation of what it's aim is. I might have followed the link and had a look around.

As it is, you look like blog spam.

Trident said...

Lol, nice follow up Iain.

Have agreat Christmas when it comes.

Clara x

Mulligan said...

He probably hadn't undertaken proper health and safety checks plus full risk assessment and therefore fully justified in not risking putting paint on his brush. However I also note he isn't wearing a reflective jacket nor safety helmet, exactly where were the local health and safety gestapo when this reckless dangerous act was being perpetrated?

Anonymous said...

Paul Pinfield

I did mention that it was an observation of LD duplicity as Iain highlights and poked fun at the yellow peril. I also mentioned the link was next to my name.

Ehat is wrong with some jokes at the LD's expense at XMAS time? It is not as if i mentioned cLEGG - being driven off in a yellow taxi at the next election in much detail.

I can just imagine the BBC election night graphics - the tooting of the yellow Taxi as Clegg drives up in it and the prodicted LD MP's getting into it. If Clegg is defeated in Sheffield, a new driver will wisk away the new vanguard in canine service management.

Lorenzo said...

Gordon would never Fake It

Adrian said...

You've gone a bit OTT on this story, Iain. The guy never claimed to be painting this or any other postbox.

Unknown said...

The post box in the second picture is not the same as the one pictured in the original article, however it is the other post box which was mentioned as being highlighted by the Lib Dems.

yellowbelly said...

Martin, go and lay down for a bit!