Sunday, December 21, 2008

The Daley Dozen : Sunday

1. Ben Brogan on why there won't be an election in 2009.
2. Michael Meacher explains how an Iraq inquiry can be secured... er, wasn't he in government at the time? Didn't notice a resignation...
3. Iain Martin on a bad day for James Purnell and a good day for Chris Grayling.
4. Dan Hannan on the Tory case for disestablishing the Church of England.
5. Charles Crawford on how to start a speech.
6. SNP Tactical Voting questions the point of George Foulkes. He is not alone.
7. Dizzy mulls over whether ideology is a good or a bad thing.
8. Paul Waugh on how Labour is creating jobs. In job centres.
9. Alex Deane has a letter from Zimbabwe which suggests Mugabe's days are numbered.
10. Tom Harris just about stops himself rushing to judgement on Bob Quick.
11. Cranmer has a right old go at A C Grayling. Good.
12. Norfolk Blogger thinks Brown should stop bailing out foreign companies.

1 comment:

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr Dale,

With respect, Mr Hannan purports to make the conservative (small 'c') case for disestablishment. There can be no 'Tory' case, the Tory Party historically being the party of establishment. He might be driving at a Whig case, but, as a loyal Cromwellian, he is basically having a gripe at Christmas.