Tuesday, December 16, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Jon Craig on Mandelson's mauling. And Postman Pat McFadden didn't fare much better.
2. Con Coughlin on a lesson on Israeli politics for Gordon Brown.
3. Party Lines on the the problems in the new unitary area of Wiltshire. Too many councillors...
4. Bob Piper on why there won't be a February election, why I am not Coulson's bitch, but am really DD's parrot... I love him really.
5. Trixy has a typically forthright post on financial incentives.
6. Betsan Powys catalogues the latest sorry goings on among Tory Welsh AMs. Children.
7. Michael White praises the LibDems but says Vince Cable has behaved thoroughly disreputably.
8. That cheeky Recess Monkey has been eavesdropping on DD explaining why George Young can't be Speaker.
9. Tom Harris makes a desperate and wholly ridiculous attack on John Major.
10. Fraser Nelson on the small cuts in spending promised by David Cameron.
11. Alix Mortimer critiques Nick Clegg's Why I Am a Conservative Liberal speech.
12. Belgium. Donal Blaney is not a fan.

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