Saturday, December 27, 2008

Ten New Blogs

Liberty Mine
Marbury - UK commentary on US politics
London Says - London think tank
Dunford Daily - Leftish commentary on international issues
Advanced Media Watch - SNP blog
Westworld - SNP blog
Events Dear Boy, Events - Right of centre blog
Never Call Retreat - Blog of an Oxford Conservative student
Daniel1979 - Blog of a young Tory
How did we come to this?

These blogs aren't necessarily newly created, but I haven't known about them before and they had not, until now, appeared in the TP Blog Directory.

Visit the Total Politics Blog Directory which contains more than 1,700 blogs. If you know of one which isn't there, please fill in the Submit a New Blog form on the left hand side of THIS page.


All Seeing Eye said...

Checked out "Events...." but posts praising Pinter and Peston mean that I won't be strolling back.

Best of luck in the blogging future but not with TheEye as a reader.

Horshamite said...

An interesting list. I looked at a couple, neither of which seem to allow comments - that says it all!

Anonymous said...

The thing I like about your website Iain is you don't send barmy e-mails to the posters!

I once happened to go on another website and the wierdo who runs it accuses you of things you have not done and claims to be a Liberal but bans people with no evedience 2+2 = 5! He evens claims to block the IP address I always use for messing him around- strange! He says I use other IP addresses - maybe he needs to go to the doctor because that sounds like Paranoid schizophrenia to me.

Sounds bizzare to me - maybe he just could not take me being right that Nick Clegg = Neil Kinnock!


Time to update my Blog me thinks - maybe it will feature on your blogs list! It is a niche in antoagonising LD's!

Anonymous said...

This year, however, Britain – with a GDP per head of $43,859 (the pound buys fewer dollars) – has been o v e r h a u l e d b y t h e U S ($46,993), France ($45,088) and Germany ($44,245). Only Italy, ($39,641) and Japan ($38,692) remain behind.

A weak currency leads to a weak economy and weak government?

Benny said...

You will love Charlie Wilson's War. Well I did anyway

Andrew said...

Thanks for the tip about Advance Media Watch Iain. I might have shunned this site, thinking that it is an offshoot of Media Watch which was an e-mail subscription service---overtly pro-SNP, but also a front for the Roman Catholic Church (or at least one wing of it). MW printed an astonishing reason for David Cairns MP (the former Scottish Secretary) leaving the priesthood which surely would have led to a defamation case, unless it were true.) I "unsubscribed" from this.
Other pro-SNP sites which are worth a read are:-
"SNP Tactical Voting" ("Jeff", who's writing from SE Asia at the moment),and
"Calum Cashley SNP"

Anonymous said...

I am a regular reader of your blog, so I appreciate the namecheck for my own.
However, I'm not sure I like the label you've given me. I am (currently) an SNP voter but I don't want anyone thinking I'm following anyone else's lead in my writing and certainly not taking orders from a party HQ!