Monday, December 22, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Moments of Clarity on LibDem Voice and Liberal Conspiracy.
2. Parburypolitica thinks I have a Labour MP lookey-likey.
3. Your Mandate asks what's left for blogging.
4. Lord Norton on the new Black Rod.
5. Nick Bryant on Aussie TV's series, THE HOWARD YEARS.
6. Michael White on the relationship between politicians and the Police.
7. Dizzy thinks women's football is a bit girly. The PC Police will be round his in a moment...
8. Liberal Conspiracy on Derek Draper's Blue State Digital meeting. Read the comments.
9. Chicken Turkey Yoghurt exposes new plans to give bailiffs more powers.
10. James Cleverly, a member of the MPA, on Bob Quick's position.
11. Tim Montgomerie thinks the recession is killing green politics.
12. Paul Waugh says Dominic Grieve is a wolf in pussycat's clothing.

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