Friday, December 12, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Jon Worth, a Euro-enthusiast, is a little unenthusiastic about a second Irish referendum.
2. Paul Waugh on why the Menenzes verdict is damning for the Police.
3. Labour candidate Lucy Powell tries (and tries) to explain the Manchester Congestion Charging result.
4. Party Lines has an apposite quote from Cicero, which Alistair Darling might like to note.
5. Sadie laments her chance to look at men's bollocks every morning has been denied. As well she might.
6. James Bartholomew explains why Labour Governments always end up with a run on the Pound.
7. Dan Hannan and Tony Benn agree. They hate coalitions.
8. Jeremy Hunt on promises, promises.
9. Ben Brogan on a Zinger from Sir Humphrey Statto.
10. Glyn Davies on Lembit's column for the Daily Sport.
11. Coffee House wonders why Jan Moir is obsessed by Dave's legs.
12. Tom Harris is finally where he belongs. In the dog house.


Doubting Richard said...

Tom Harris must watch this little video

Ralph Hancock said...

Ben Duckworth's Party Lines Cicero quotation is a fake. It has been all over the net recently.

Have been diligently searching the whole of Cicero on the Perseus web site in English and Latin, and can find no trace of anything like it.

Cicero is the most impersonated of all classical authors. One should never believe an attribution to him without an exact reference, and even then look it up.