Sunday, December 28, 2008

2008 Awards Poll: Journalists, TV & Radio

Columnist/Commentator of the Year

1. Fraser Nelson 17.2%
2. Matthew Parris 17.1%
3. Jeff Randall 8.7%

Broadcast Journalist of the Year

1. Andrew Neil 21%
2. Jeremy Paxman 14%
3. Ed Stourton 11%

Print Journalist of the Year

1. Ben Brogan 25%
2. Andrew Gilligan 23%
3. Andrew Pierce 10%

Political TV Programme of the Year

1. Newsnight 22.5%
2. Question Time 22.2%
3. This Week 20%

Political Radio Programme of the Year

1. Today 29%
2. Any Questions 14%
3. Week in Westminster 8%

*1,380 people voted between December 19 & 26th


NameHere said...

Some rightful respect for Andrew Neil there. Shame the BBC will, as always, overlook him for the establishment (Dimblebum, Marr).

Neil should have headlined the US election coverage. As for the other one, how anyone can watch Marr's awful Sunday show where he spends the entire hour with his lips pressed to the behinds of Labour or some mindless celebrity is quite beyond me.

James Higham said...

Seems reasonable. I like Hardtalk best.

Anonymous said...

Much as I approve many of the selections, such as Andrew Neil, I found it impossible to vote in some of the categories and only completed about half the questionnaire. What I should like to see is a choice for "None of the above".

Oscar Miller said...

Today is one of the worst news programmes not hte best. The only people vote for it is habit mixed with heavily cultivated received wisdom. In fact everything about the show is dull, jaded and predictable. It invariably edits out everything that would set a genuine debate going. Ed Storuton was the only independent minded decent person on the show and they've axed him.

Oscar Miller said...

oops - sorry for all the typos. Put it down to post Christmas excess.

Benny said...

aww i love Jeremy Vine on Radio 2