Wednesday, March 23, 2011

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm...

Hope you enjoyed Alastair Campbell last night. Tonight, I'm back with a budgetary vengeance... We've got Harriet Harman, Andy Burnham, David Gauke, Matthew Hancock and John Woodock on the show tonight. Impressive, huh?

7PM Were you a budget winner or budget loser? What was the best thing about the budget, what was the worst thing? Budgets are always about winners and losers, and I guess the political success of a budget depends on whether there are more winners and losers. Do you feel this has been a budget for you, or was it a budget in the national interest? Or do you agree with Ed Miliband that it was a non budget – it did nothing for jobs, nothing for growth and nothing for the country? Guests: Harriet Harman and Andy Burnham

8PM Ask the Minister with David Gauke: Exchequer Secretary David Gauke will be joining me for an hour to take questions from LBC listeners on the phone about the budget. Was it a budget for jobs, a budget for growth, or a damp squib? If you want to quiz a Treasury minister, this is YOUR opportunity.

9PM LBC Parliament with Matthew Hancock MP (Con, West Suffolk), Jasmine Birtles (Financial commentator) and John Woodcock (Lab, Barrow in Furness)

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