Monday, March 14, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Peter Hoskins reckons the two Ed's fail the credibility test.
2. Anna Racoon gives us a step by step guide to filling in the census.
3. Norman Tebbit thinks the country's public services are going dotty.
4. Shane Greer on public funding and the arts.
5. Tax Payers Alliance prove that the no cuts brigade are a small minority.
6. Paul Waugh highlights the change in Labour's economic policy.
7. Lord Soley still has confidence in the future of nuclear power.
8. Walaa Idris isn't a fan of Ken Livingstone.
9. Devil's Kitchen assesses the state of nuclear power stations.
10. Mark Wallace thinks Ed Balls has forgotten his love of green taxes.
11. David Blackburn looks at what is going on between Miliband and Clegg.
12. Helen Duffett shows that Paddy Ashdown supports a No Fly Zone.

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johnpaul said...

Intrstng that Norman Tebbit regards that former SDP members 'Chris grayling Paul Stianes Danny Finklestien,andrew Mitchell Andy cooper' now in the party have "infultrated" it,Some former Labour members who wwere involved with the SDP at one stage said vote tory "David Owen ,George Brown" or chris broklebankfowler,