Thursday, March 17, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Guido reveals that Kinnock set to pocket from Yes to AV.
2. Toby Young insists that Mumsnet is not the squeezed middle.
3. Ben Duckworth proves that Miliband is as unpopular as Clegg.
4. Working Class Tory highlights Ben Bradshaw's sudden change of mind.
5. Paul Goodman shows that UKIP do prove a threat to the Conservatives.
6. Paul Waugh reveals that Brian Haw have been evicted.
7. Peter Hoskin looks at what might be in the Budget.
8. David Davis urges the goverment to rethink defence cuts.
9. Neil O'Brien on British poverty.
10. Nick Pickles thinks we need to take on the enemies of innovation.
11. Douglas Carswell reckons we need to learn from the mistakes of Heath.
12. Tom Clougherty recommends Niall Ferguson's new programme.

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