Tuesday, March 15, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Daniel Hannan celebrates the launch of the People's Pledge.
2. Henry Oliver debunks BMA's opposition to the Health Bill.
3. Wintour & Watt reveal that Cameron has been mocking Cathy Ashton.
4. Lewis Page thinks Fukushima is a triumph for nuclear power.
5. Marcus Roberts shows why we must act to stop Gadaffi.
6. Kyle Trygstad gives his vision of the future of online campaigning.
7. Caroline Crampton reckons Zac Goldsmith represents pro democracy.
8. Ben Cobley wants the Labour party to embrace freedom.
9. James Burdett on the AV referendum.
10. Lord Bates proves why the Conservatives are the party of manufacturing.
11. James Cleverly isn't impressed by Ken Livingstone.
12. Max Atkinson reveals the winner of his dictator speechwriting competition.

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