Thursday, March 24, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Caroline Crampton reports that Goldie Lookin Chain are seeking office.
2. Oh no, Nick Clegg has left his mic on and Duncan Robinson has the footage.
3. Juan Cole proves in ten ways why Libya is not Iraq.
4. Mark Hill highlights 5 reasons why humanity is bad at democracy.
5. Matthew Hancock looks at what Portugal means for the UK.
6. Dizzy reveals an apparently "independent" quote may not be what it seems.
7. Political Scrapbook think Danny A may be bribing the electorate.
8. Paul Waugh has the news that iPads are now allowed in the Commons.
9. Iain Martin shows us the Budget speech he would have given.
10. Andy Mayer reckons Ed Balls' position is shameless.
11. Peter Hoskin looks at what David Laws thinks of the budget.
12. James Delingpole isn't thrilled with the budget, at all.

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