Wednesday, March 02, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Mark Wallace warns that Iraq should notscare us into inaction.
2. Nick Pickles highlights the lack of data protection in Yes to AV.
3. James Cleverly isn't impressed with Labour extremes.
4. Alex Barker thinks Nick Clegg should start worrying about universities.
5. David Begg gives the business case for High Speed Rail.
6. Paul Waugh shows why the memory of Maggie is still being used in Barnsley.
7. Anthony Wells takes a look at the polling for the two referendums.
8. Political Scrapbook asks what is the point of Nick Clegg?
9. Toby Young celebrates getting funding for his new school.
10. Tim Montgomerie isn't sure he agrees with Michael Fallon's anaysis.
11. Symon Hill reveals more detail about the Christian foster parents.
12. EU Referendum is angry about defence cuts.

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