Monday, March 07, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Tim Montgomerie wants CCHQ to destroy the Labour brand.
2. David Blackburn reckons Eric Pickles is on the offensive.
3. Norman Tebbit insists he is going no where.
4. Ben Brogan wonders which SpAds will go.
5. Amber Elliot reveals the Department of Education are still hiring.
6. Thinking Strategically tries to make sense of the Afghanistan withdrawal.
7. Mark Wallace proves that Malcom Tucker is a part of government.
8. Katy Scholes reports that Dominic Rabb has been using subliminal messaging.
9. Michael Heaver is optimistic about UKIP's future.
10. Paul Waugh shows that Clegg has a bit of trouble in his backyard.
11. John Redwood thinks the Bank of England must remian neutral.
12. Cicero's Songs looks at the results of the Estonian elections.

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