Monday, March 28, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. George Pitcher thinks the student rioters couldn't have choose a worse target.
2. Guido doesn't have much hope for the Tories in Scotland.
3. Anthony Painter shows why Laurie Penny is wrong, as usual.
4. Archie Manners reveals Sally Bercow wants to be an MP.
5. City Unslicker highlights the stupidity of the no cuts brigade.
6. James Delingpole yearns for a better Britain.
7. Caroline Crampton looks at some unnoticed U-turns.
8. Harry's Place is a lot happier with the new No to Av posters.
9. James Forsyth examines Clegg's new direction.
10. Cranmer on the rebirth of the social democrats.
11. Matt Peterkin explains why he spent the night in Parliament.
12. The People's Pledge spokesman Zac Goldmsith speaks out...

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