Wednesday, March 30, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Guido thanks the BBC for proving just how useless AV actually is.
2. Anna Racoon has got hold of Ed Miliband's alternative speech.
3. Andy Mayer explains why he will be rallying against debt.
4. Mark Pack puts forwards reasons why the Coalition will last.
5. Francesca Preece doesn't like iPads in the Commons.
6. Gary Gibbon has the details on Arnie's visit to the 1922 today.
7. Paul Waugh reports that Alan Patridge visited PMQs today.
8. James Forsyth wasn't impressed with Cameron's outburst.
9. Walaa Idris thinks we must be very careful in Libya.
10. Tory Radio recommends a book for you all to read.
11. Pete Wedderburn wants the government to sort out Circuses.
12. James Cousins on dog poo.

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