Thursday, March 03, 2011

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7PM The Minimum Wage. Tomorrow in the House of Commons a Conservative MP is going to table a Bill which would allow employers to pay below the minimum wage in certain regions of the country. Is it sensible in areas of high unemployment to cut the minimum wage to encourage employers to take on more staff, or do you think the minimum wage has acted as a bulwark against unscrupulous employers? Is a national rate sensible, or would it be better to have regional variations?

8PM Today the Post Office lost its lucrative benefits cheques contract from the government, worth £20 million a year. The unions are warning of a post office closure programme the like of which we’ve never seen before. Do you care? Why do we have this sentimental attachment to post offices? Are they really at the centre of our local communities or just outmoded, old fashioned shops which have had their day?

9PM LBC Legal Hour with Daniel Barnett of Outer Temple Chambers.

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