Friday, March 18, 2011

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7PM Cameron v Obama: As David Cameron basks in the afterglow of a diplomatic triumph, do you look at him in a different light. Barack Obama was described as the weakest president in history today. Has he failed to give a lead over Libya. Has yes We can changed to Er, maybe we shouldn’t?

8PM Squatting is to be made illegal: Squatting seems to have become more commonplace in recent times. Ken Clarke, the Justice Minister is about to make it illegal, giving homeowners the right to immediately gain possession of their illegally occupied homes. About time? Or overkill? Do you think this is an attack on the weak and vulnerable by an uncaring government determined to protect its supporters who own big empty houses?

9PM What is the solution to urban foxes? Ministers have rejected calls for urban foxes to be reclassified as vermin. Some MPs wanted them to be reclassified to make a cull easier. Are foxes vermin, or should we just live and let live?

Text Question Facial Fascism: Why are men who wear beards so hated? text 84850

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Snedds said...

It's a shame you couldn't attribute your hypothesis that Obama is the weakest President in History.

It, as well as much of the text you use to describe that hour is from a Daily Express article, from a fairly right-wing journalist.

I hardly think this criticism is a sign that Obama is indeed te weakest President in History, anymore than I think G W Bush was an idiot that left-wing journos would make out. Lazy journalism.

Iain Dale said...

And it's a shame you can't distinguish between a question and a hypothesis.