Wednesday, March 23, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Jesse Norman thinks the budget is a move towards real capitalism.
2. Sophy Ridge has the original Norman Lamont joke.
3. Caroline Crampton reckons that Osborne triumphed.
4. Daniel Hannan isn't a big fan of the Monetary Policy Committee.
5. Ed Staite shows how opposition works on budget day.
6. Eamonn Butler delivers his pro-growth budget speech.
7. Tim Dodds highlights the Americanisation of the Mayoral elections.
8. James Forsyth looks at the 50p question.
9. Bracknell Blog wants to see an end to pre released spin.
10. Christina Odone is saddened by the news of Liz Taylor's death.
11. City Unslicker is very angry.
12. Guido has the proof that Ken did nap during the budget.

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