Monday, March 07, 2011

On My LBC Show Tonight From 7pm

7PM Today an Islamist extremist was fined £50 for burning poppies on the anniversary of armistice day. Clearly a despicable act, but was it right to involve the law? What happened to freedom of speech? What are the limits of freedom of speech and freedom of expression? Should we be worried that freedom of speech, expression and thought are now under attack?

8PM Smoking: According to the Office for National Statistics 63% of smokers in Britain want to quit. Well why don’t they just get on and do it then? Well, because half of them find it difficult to go a whole day without smoking. Why do people find it so difficult to quit an addiction?

9PM LBC Book Club with David Baddiel (The Death of Eli Gold, Fourth Estate, HB £18.99) and Jessica Kane (The Report, Portobello Books, pb £12.99)

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