Tuesday, March 29, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Quentin Letts lists the worst politicians he has ever met.
2. Sam Bowman reckons the anti cuts brigade has jumped the shark.
3. Andrew Lilico argues that there is an alternative.
4. Matthew Sinclair proves that Johann Hari is telling lies.
5. Raheem Kassam advises Herman Cain to stand down.
6. Harry Cole thinks UK Uncut has come unstuck.
7. Daniel Hannan is a member of the most hated profession in Britain.
8. Luke Bozier feels let down by Ed Miliband after Saturday's antics.
9. James Forsyth looks at what to do with Gadaffi.
10. Peter Black rejoices at Swansea being in the news.
11. Not a Sheep thinks the big wedding won't be so bright and rosy.
12. And finally, someone has organised a Rally Against Debt.

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