Monday, March 21, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Bobby Friedman gives us a sneak peek at his new book about Bercow.
2. Lord Ashcroft looks at the Daily Mail and its brand.
3. Paddy Ashdown wants Cameron to act on child poverty.
4. Jim Pickard highlights the fears MPs have over Libya.
5. Michael Crick reveals which AV broadcast goes first.
6. Jim Murphy thinks Liam Fox needs to be put back in his box.
7. Norman Tebbit paraises Cameron over Libya.
8. Peter Hoskin wonders what may happen in Yemen.
9. Nigel Hawkins assesses the impact of Fukushima.
10. Ben Brogan reckons public service reform is being delayed.
11. Amber Elliot explains why the AV debate isn't going viral.
12. Nick Robinson reports on Cameron's insistence that this is not his Iraq.


SadButMadLad said...

I hate to advertise and I'm not trying to usurp your listings but the story over at AnnaRaccoon's is pretty important enough to mention.

When the courts try and stop constituents from speaking to their MPs then they have gone a bit too far. Doing things behind closed doors and in secret is a sign of a restrictive government more along the lines of the old Russia and North Korea than the UK.

Tapestry said...

I can understand where Norman Tebbit is coming from, but does he really think Gaddaffi was acting alone to support terrorism in Europe, with all we now know about the involvement of intelligence services in false flag operations going on for over thirty years.

Gaddaffi was an arm of the OWG and required by them to do what he did to keep terror alive in Europe. They now want him replaced with more cooperative and compliant fare which will not trade with China or Japan.

His role in grinding down Europe is over, which fell across Tebbit's life in a very personal way, as Britain is firmly in the hands of OWG-sponsored politicians like Clegg and Cameron, following on from Blair/Brown.

They don't need the IRA bombing us any more. That was when we looked too likely to carve an independent path. Now we're lackeys of the EU and the OWG, the terrorists are not hired and supplied.