Thursday, March 03, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Total Politics give a touching tribute to Mark Hanson.
2. James Forsyth thinks Cameron is good in a crisis.
3. Tim Worstall tackles the issue of a Robin Hood Tax.
4. Guido asks when is a smear not a smear?
5. Max Atkinson reveals the entrants for the dictator speechwriting contest.
6. Peter Cutbertson reckons if you want to speak at a council meeting, get elected.
7. Eamonn Butler outlines the ideas behind a free banking system.
8. Mark Pack isn't sure about all this centralisation.
9. Ben Brogan says Cameron's "loose talk" annoys the Americans.
10. Robert Peston explains why Hunt allowed the Murdoch deal.
11. Shamik Das thinks the Cabinet may be split over Libya.
12. Stephen Hoffman sheds more light on the link with Libya and universities.


Rory said...

To be honest Grant, I don't know why you still bother to compose the Daley Dozen. Does anyone still look at this blog? I only checked today to see whether Iain had done the decent thing and archived it like Tom Harris' blog. Your efforts are sterling but seem wasted somehow. All the best though.

Anonymous said...

Funnily enough my wv is 'trite'

I only add that the Telegraph have still not sacked their editor who (eventually despite his own censorship) put Cable's views on Murdoch into the public domain.