Tuesday, March 08, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Tuesday

1. Mark Wallace has some interesting gossip regarding E Miliband.
2. Adrian Masters reports on Labour's coalition split in the Assembly.
3. Nicholas Watt reckons Craig Oliver might be the right man at the wrong time.
4. Shane Greer takes inspiration from Charlie Sheen.
5. Sam Bowman gives us a new way of looking at recessions.
6. Hopi Sen thinks Cameron has been taking lessons from Blair.
7. Simon Jenkins has a problem with mobiles on the Tube.
8. Ed Staite shows George Osborne how he should communicate his budget.
9. Bagehot wants people to have the right to burn poppies.
10. James Forsyth thinks Cameron needs to make more personal allies.
11. Paul Waugh hasn't got much hope for Hague.
12. And finally from Guido, 38 years ago today...

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