Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Fraser Nelson shows why education must be changed.
2. Terence Paul proves that the BNP don't want FPTP.
3. Nick Robinson fears that it is now too late to act in Libya.
4. Mark Clarke thinks that he NHS reforms will result in better services.
5. Caroline Crampton reports on the divide in the Lib Dems.
6. Mark Pack highlights the four best books on General Election 2010.
7. Garry Gibbon reckons the AV referendum could break the coalition.
8. David Smith on the British economy and the Laffer curve.
9. Mark Cole celebrates Comic Relief music.
10. Archbishop Cranmer thinks we need to stop Gaddafi becoming the next Saddam.
11. Jesus Diaz has terrifying footage of the Japan tsunami.
12. The Freedom Association invite students to their Freedom Forum.

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