Monday, December 06, 2010

Seldon on Brown

Anthony Seldon talks about his book BROWN AT TEN on today's Daily Politics.

You can buy the book HERE.


Anonymous said...

Anthony Seldon has a (supposedly) full-time appointment, for which he is paid handsomely, to be the headmaster of a minor public school. Perhaps he should concentrate on his primary employment for the remaining few days of term, and defer indulging in his secondary career as media-tart until the holidays.

I am so very glad that my children are pupils at a leading public school, whose principal has a better-developed sense of responsibility to both his charges and those who pay his salary. I know four sets of Wellington parents who deplore Seldon's dereliction of his pastoral duty to the children, and who bridle with indignation every time the man pops up on TV or radio.

To be fair to him, however, one pair of parents of my acquaintance think that his appearances are beneficial; but that's only because it increases Wellington's profile and makes then somewhat less ashamed that it was the best their son could manage.

Mirtha Tidville said...

So lets get this right, Seldon, who is flogging a book, says Broon was a fluffy, misunderstood, warm human being who was turned bad by being surrounded by berks like Balls...oh and Damian McBride et al......yer right

Dobson said...

... his empathy for Brown emanates from their shared inability to operate either a hairbrush or a comb.

Anonymous said...

@ Dobson

My thoughts also, and take a look at those bags under his eyes. I last met Seldon ~3 years ago, and he really hasn't aged well. It must be all the strain of not doing his job!

Anonymous said...

'Tell us something we didn't know about Brown ..'
'Well he had a mad bag ...' !!

A 'mad bag' the existence of which was kept top secret because it was apparently a shambles full of disorganised things only Brown could make sense of ...

Yep - and this is a man defending Brown.

In fact the shambolic Brown was well known for carrying his clutter round in a Tesco bag when Rector at Edinburgh. His logic was as warped then as it was as Chancellor and PM so quite appropriate that his mad bag remained the same.

Alan Douglas said...

So now I should feel sorry for the man who spent 13 years mugging me (not to mention the whole country ? Only because of the associates who followed his every whim ? Ah, poor thing, but, due to his huge rake of expenses, salary and now no doubt pensions, he is not half as poor as many of the rest of us, directly due to his compulsive Faginesque behaviour.

No thanks.

Alan Douglas

wild said...

A bit harsh albertmbankment. I can see the synergy between a sanctimonious twit and being a headmaster.

Magical_Mist said...

I have to disagree with the both of them -

Yes, I think there was a sentiment within the public to feel sorry for him, but that was vastly outweighed by their hatred of him.
He'd been in government for 13 years - enough time for everyone to see what a lowlife he actually was.