Thursday, December 09, 2010

Geraldine Dreadful Writes to ... Julian Assange

Dear Mr Assange,

First of all, allow me to thank you for visiting the UK in your efforts to promote yourself the most recent Wikipedia revelations to the world. The achievements you have made in creating the most advanced online user-created encyclopaedia are entirely immense, and some, if not all my research, for debates in the House of Commons has been conducted using it.

I am perplexed, however, that the US and UK governments seem to be trying so hard to shut WikiPedia down. I appreciate that much of the content is controversial (the section on Tony Blair is notoriously thin on conversations I had with him), but in my view, none of the material I have ever seen on WikiPedia would constitute a threat to governments.

In fact, I was surprised to find no mention at all of the secret underground continuity of government bunker in Sickle East, underneath the Michael Foot Memorial Fallen Comrades Tea Dance hall, which I received a briefing on from that nice Mr Daniels, the undercover agent from MI5, who pretends to work for the water board, just after my election.

Anyway, I just wanted to say how grateful I was to you for visiting our country, and on behalf of the people of Sickle and Hammer East, enjoy your stay. If you happen to venture northwards and feel like addressing a group of fans of your Encyclopedia, please do consider contacting 'Mad' Eric Whipsnade at the Hammer East Leonid Brezhnev Memorial Unions Club. Eric would like some recognition for his entry on Post Bickerstaffe Anarcho Syndicalism in Early Years Education.

Yours sincerely,

Geraldine Dreadful MP

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Jimmy said...

I think this may actually be getting worse.

Delbert said...

These are cringe-worthy. Who writes the guff??

Sabretache said...

Cringeworthy indeed. But from someone unable to distinguish between Wikipedia and Wikileaks, I guess it's just par for the course.