Wednesday, December 08, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Thomas Byrne and Anton Howes defend tuition fee reform.
2. Direct Democracy has a five step guide to AV.
3. Man in a Shed makes it clear, Labour is the enemy of students.
4. Nadine Dorries praises the end to mickey mouse courses.
5. Alex Singleton wants CCHQ to stop betraying the eurosceptics.
6. Political Reboot thinks students are protesting about the wrong issue.
7. Daniel Hannan explains why Obama isn't fond of Britain.
8. Better Nation takes a look at the Lockerbie Cables.
9. Simon Emmett has the facts on fees.
10. Wat Tyler thinks the unthinkable.
11. John McTernan wonders what Blair would make of the prison policy.

12. Labour List has footage of Sarah Teather on the run.

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Glyn H said...

Dear Mr T,

A word in your ear whilst the boss is off staying in town.
If we never hear the name of Loopy Doris of Bedford sub Cotswold ever again, twill be a benefit to us all (and he can leave off references to Denis McShame as well).

Toodle pip

Glyn H