Friday, December 03, 2010

Pass the Ferrero Rocher

There's an account in the Telegraph today of what the US administratiin really thought of Gordon Brown, courtesy of those nice people at Wikileaks.

The cables from the US embassy said that Gordon Brown "lurched from disaster to disaster". And still there are people who think the Yanks don't know what's going on in the rest of the world!

My favourite bit is where Nick Brown ‘assures’ the US Ambassador that any dissent will be slapped down. “Oh, Mr Brown, have another Ferrero Rocher, for it is you who are spoiling us with these delicacies!“

A lot of these so-called revelations from Wikileaks are not exactly state secrets but merely a result of the tendency by politicians to gossip. I suspect they may be a little more circumspect in future while attending the Ambassador's ball!


Duncan said...

Odd. You seem to have failed to mention the US ambassador calling Cameron and Osborne lightweights.

Unsworth said...

I think the Yanks probably do know much of what is going on in the world - it's just that they don't fully understand it.

golden_balls said...

why only comment on this leak iain ?

Cameron and Osborne as lightweights or Hagues close relationship with Alan Duncan ?

another pointless post when will we see how many readers you've lost over the past few months ?

btw enjoyed last nights radio program thats your future in my opinion.

DespairingLiberal said...

Particularly funny bit in that cable - Ed Balls, then Schools Secretary, was described as “super bright” but “dull” and “charmless”." How wise and perceptive the US ambassador is, but "super bright"? Really?! I can imagine one or two people at State who had the privelege of having met Balls might demur.

Interesting name "Tuttle" - anything to do with "Tittle Tattle"?

norfolkandchance said...

The document I found most interesting was the one detailing the gossiping of my ex-MP Keith Simpson which included the comment (strictly protect) immedicately after his name. It would be interesting to know what services he had provided to have earned this.

Brian said...

In the 1950's MI5 was worried that there was a spy in the RAF/Air Ministry because of the extremely accurate information on RAF and US aircraft that the Soviet Air Attache was cabling back to Moscow. After much "intelligence" work it was discovered that the Air Attache was basing his reports on articles in a famous aviation weekly; incidentally it was the same magazine that MI5 thought were being leaked NATO intelligence on Soviet aircraft, such was the accuracy of their cutaway drawings. It turned out that the magazine employed people with an in-depth knowledge of aircraft engineering etc and the ability to imagine practically.
Diplomacy is merely blackmail and bribery in morning dress or white tie and tails.

Anonymous said...

They thought Gordon Brown was a failure, I dread to think what they think about Ed Miliband!!!

Sres said...

@Duncan I think you'll find that was Mervyn King, but lets not let facts get in the way of your lefty propaganda.