Wednesday, December 01, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Cardiff Blogger doesn't like the anti English policies of the Welsh Assembly.
2. Guy the Mac is sure he has seen this all before.
3. Ed Staite asks who is the next political athlete?
4. Hopi Sen is happy we stayed out of the Eurozone.
5. Anthony Painter can't deny the radicalism of this government.
6. Cranmer wants Cliff for Christmas.
7. James Delingpole reckons Two Jags Prescott is a brilliant representative at Cancun.
8. David Parkes wants Vince Cable to admit he broke his promise.
9. Crash Bang Wallace thinks it is about time for elected Police Commissioners.
10. Paul Waugh reports the big freeze has hit Whitehall.
11. Contented Lib Dem on Polly Toynbee and EMA.
12. EU Referendum is fed up of all this global warming.


Scary Mary said...

Re EU Referendum's post -

Demetrius said...

You might like what I have to say about the weather, trains and FIFA and all that.