Saturday, December 04, 2010

Questions for 2012

This week the Ask Jeeves website published its Top 20 Questions of 2010 which people had asked on its website. You can see the list HERE. Last night on LBC I asked listeners to come up with the questions they think we will be asking throughout 2011. When you ask people to text in throughout a programme it is a bit of a lottery, but this one really caught on. Unfortunately, I didn't keep them, but I can recall a few...

1. Why did Cheryl get back with Ashley?
2. Who is Ann Widdecombe?
3. How much did the bailout of Germany cost?
4. Why did the coalition fail?
5. What is Lord Woolas's official title?
6. Why can't West Ham score a goal in the championship? (yes, I did read it out!)
7. Why did Iain Dale get fired from LBC?
8. On what date did Ed Balls become leader of the Labour Party?
9. How many people attended the wedding of Katie and Peter?
10. What was the name of last year's X Factor winner?


neil craig said...

Are the BBC's assurances that the record breaking 2011 snowfall is proof that we must have higher taxes to stop catastrophic warming honest?

x said...

Surrealistic questions!?Not clever enough to answer these, though, if I lived in the future. 'Prince Andrew sucks!'

DespairingLiberal said...

The usual *ollock* from Neil Craig, the man who has repeatedly claimed in this blog that British officers committed genocide in Kosovo. The BBC is making no such assurance and you cannot find any quote from "the BBC" to back that up.

If we want to investigate tax/spend in this country properly, we could start by looking at the activities of major tax avoidance firms embedded in tbe banks who are themselves propped up with tax payers money - those banks in turn fully engaged in systematic and massive tax avoidance. Government after government has conspired with wealthy individuals and corporations to deprive Britain of tax revenues and push the citizenry into tax-farmed poverty. Blair. Thatcher. Major. Cameron/Clegg. All the same policies.

Michael Heaver said...

Going down going down going down...

Libertarian said...

@despairing liberal

No need to worry about that any more, the banks led by Barclays are all beginning to move away from the UK to Zurich, Geneva, Basle, Hong Kong and Singapore

Shame about the jobs of the 4 million UK citizens they employ, but I'm sure you'll think of something to employ them doing.

By the way have you written to the Guardian to ask them to start a campaign about tax avoidance and offshore trusts? I'm sure they'd be very interested

Libertarian said...

@despairing liberal

Oh by the way do you know that banks in the city of London paid £62 billion in tax revenues in the financial year to end 2009???

Just asking like as you seem quite "knowledgeable" about the banks tax affairs.

DespairingLiberal said...

And what about all the jobs those same banks have devastated Libertarian? And where do you get your figure of "4 million jobs" from? Those banks at the most employ 100,000 people in the UK. We would almost certainly be better off as a country without major parts of the City, as it would enable us to refocus on being a productive economy and would remove at least part of the corrupting influence they have on our political system.

neil craig said...

As notmal Despaoting Nazi is lying afain. If he is in any way honest he would be able to quote exactly where I ever said British officers personally committed genocide, but he wasn't able to do so last time.

What I ahve said, repeatedly & without any atrempt, even by DN, to dispute it is that the people we appointed as our "police" on Kosovo most cwertainly did engage in genocide, such as the 210 civilians murdered in the Dragodan Massacre outside our military HQ; the enslavement & sale of thousands of schollchildren to western brothels: & the dissection, while still alive, of at least 1300 people to provide body organs for weatern hospitals. All of these are matters of public record though obvuiously also of mefia censorship.

Again I ask Despairing Nazi to either provide evidence I have ever said anything remotely dishonest or apologise.