Tuesday, December 14, 2010

The Daley Dozen: A Tribute

1. Simon Clark wasn't happy when Iain used to get there before him.
2. Josh Halliday has a few words about Iain's decision to quit.
3. Anthony Barnett says au revoir to Iain Dale.
4. Tory Radio reckons this is worse than when the West Wing ended.
5. Guido says goodbye in his own special way.
6. Politics.co.uk have a few thoughts on Iain's departure.
7. A Lanson Boy proves even the Lib Dems like Mr Dale.
8. Anna Racoon wouldn't have got involved without a certain someone.
9. Tim Montgomerie doesn't think the Right is in good shape.
10. Subrosa isn't surprised, but has still been inspired.
11. Dizzy Thinks got his prediction right.
12. Will Heaven thinks the Tory blogosphere may be imploding.

Bonus: A little something from Danny Finklestein behind the paywall.


Xopher said...

13. I'm sad to lose a wordsmith who could see other sides of a world that denies inclusion for those of us with fewer debating skills. Our leaders think they can ride roughshod over essential folk such as plumbers, builders, butchers and all sorts of 'doers' but the Ian Dale's of this world make them think.
Thank You.

Anonymous said...

It must be humbling to have so many tributes paid.

I hope one day people will positively celebrate the demise of my blog!


JamesHuk said...


Nigel said...

Truly sorry to see you go, though I fully appreciate you reasons.

All the best with your future efforts.

Unknown said...


I must admit I did not frequent your blog often [I am a red]. But having set up a blog myself quite recently on UK politics, I was surprised to be told at a social gathering last night, that I owed my blogging inspiration to you. As it happens, you are being credited rightly/worngly I do not know with being the Godfather of UK political blogging. That in years to come will probably be eulogised among future historians, perhaps in the same vein as Thomas Paine's rights of man, or Benjamin Disraeli's Cybil. In short, it appears you have quite s pecial place in history. that must be nice.