Thursday, December 02, 2010

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. David Laws explains why the Lib Dems rejected Labour.
2. Howard Flight wants Germany to leave the Euro.
3. Oliver Rowlinson reports positive discrimination is still going on.
4. The Freedom Association reckon students have never had it so good.
5. Luke Akehurst is trying to bring moral judgement back.
6. Douglas Carswell 's plans to decouple are gaining support.
7. Wat Tyler discovers that the taxpayer is funding environmentalism.
8. David Boyle thinks this may be Cleggmania in reverse.
9. Tory Outcast wonders if Assange could be a threat to the Tea Party.
10. Steve Baker has some good news.
11. Autonomous Mind isn't too bothered about our World Cup bid.
12. BBP think James Stephens deserves a Razzie!

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B.Bank said...

I have just had my offer to buy HMS Invincible turned down. Apparently, offers have to meet EU (yes, EU) procurment procedures. A great British ship. The EU. Eh?