Friday, December 24, 2010

Bloggers say goodbye!

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Unknown said...

Tom Harris' disappearance is no great mystery.

Since 1997 unfortunately, we have in this country had 'Government by PR Bunny'. 'Government by PR Bunny', or in this case 'Opposition by PR Bunny', is not consistent with having someone like Harris - middling profile and not on-message.

So how to shut him up?

Simple. Let it be known (in a way roundabout enough that it can be denied) that if Harris shuts up there may be something in it for Harris.

So after sufficient time has elapsed (consistent with the denials) Tom Harris gets his dream job - shadowing the Junior Transport Minister and I-Agree-With-Nick Jr. gets silence.

Everyone's a winner (and free speech a loser).

Tapestry said...

There are bloggers who blog and there are bloggers who want to make the leap into the system, as soon as they can, to advantage. Blogging can be part of a political or journalistic career path. Dale is another case in point. It's not the destination, just a way to get better known along the way.

Not to criticise, but to understand.

The system likes this, as the blogger can be tamed, and will not expose his friends, or the secrets of the powerful.

They become part of 'managed dissent' like Wikileaks.

Julian Bray said...

So farewell Iain, the Duckhouse Blog
salutes you and will always welcome your contribution. You leave the bloggerverse at an interesting time we could expect civil unrest by Summer and all out Civil War by next Christmas. PS lose the striped shirt it strobes on TV....

rob's uncle said...

I am sure that I speak for many of us when I say that the one I miss the most is Ms Nomates: is there any news of what she's up to nowadays?

Tapestry said...

You know, Guido's missing you, Iain. He's lost a key reference point.