Saturday, February 14, 2009

The Top Ten Sexy Valentine's Day Peers

1. Lady Warsi (C) 2. Lady Bottomley (C)

3. Lord Coe (C)

4. Baroness Boothroyd (CB)

5. Marquess of Cholmondeley (CB)

6. Earl of Liverpool (C)

7. Earl of Courtown (C)

8. Lord Owen (CB)

9. Lady Hollis (L)

10. Lady Anelay (C)

I think it is safest for me to refrain from comment! This is not my ranking - it was voted for by you. And no Liberal Democrats in the Top 10! Lady Northover was the top ranking LibDem Peer, just so you know. Not sure what their Lordships will make of this. What a shame the Lords is in recess next week, which means they will have to wait a week to gossip about it!

Coming later in the weekend - your most fanciable political journalists...


Adrian said...

No Vadera??

And Liverpool looks like bl@@dy Piers Morgan fgs.

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness ... the screeching Sayeeda at number one!!!

Darcy said...

A Parliament of Fouls indeed.

Matt said...

One and Two are very pretty, I think.

yellowbelly said...

What next Iain?

What's your favourite venereal disease?

subrosa said...

In the journalists don't forget to include Iain MacWhirter now Iain. Us Scots need to be recognised up here! Robbie Dunwoodie of the Herald could also be included - just for fun.

John M Ward said...

Oh, Yellowbelly! What a spoilsport hinting at diseases of some sort!

Even I can see that there is a sense of fun in this, even if the concepts are meaningless to me personally.

Come on, now! Amid the snow and the depression, what's wrong with a bit of light relief? Why try to demean it?

Johnny Norfolk said...

You are becomming a red top blog with things like this. Do we have to.

Rog T said...

Johnny Norfolk,

Shame on you, you miserable sod. It's called having a bit of fun and without that life really isn't worth living.

Can't really say any of them tickle my fancy though !

FireForce said...

She is okay, but,,,,too fat.

Newmania said...

A Parliament of Fouls indeed.

Very good Darcy

Philipa said...


Hacked Off said...

What about "Most Corrupt"?

The Penguin

Dick the Prick said...

Steady on Penguin - who's got that amount of time?

Anonymous said...

that shrill awful right wing extremist Warsi at No.1 !? hahahaha

She is so ugly that George W. Bush wants to use her face to promote abstinence.


Chips of Brookfield said...

Gosh - the Lords need an injection of talent!

Paul Walter said...

"And no Liberal Democrats in the Top 10!"

Thank God!

In the words of the late Sir John Junor:

"Pass the sickbag, Alice"

Scouse & Proud #jft96 said...

Darlings, it looks like a dragons day out.

Much Love (from Marrakech)


Neil said...

Do I count as a political journalist? :P