Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Wednesday

1. Andrew Sullivan wonders if he might have been me.
2. Mary Ellen Synon reports on a rather violent experience at CCO and a less violent one with Lord Thorneycroft.
3. LibDem Voice on Nick Clegg's "gaffe", which actually wasn't a gaffe at all. For a change.
4. Jane Merrick thinks Mandy's outburst is a sign of the strain the Cabinet is under.
5. Cicero's Songs on the state of the Baltic economy.
6. Dr David Bull on the Blue Blog on the Cameron Direct event in Brighton.
7. Kerron Cross attacks Jonathan Porritt's 'two children' proposal.
8. Paul Waugh reports on another Gordon Brown 'Brownie', known to the rest of us as a lie.
9. Luke Akehurst teaches Harriet Harman a lesson in collective responsibility.
10. Jonathan Isaby wonders how Kevin Webste, Emily Bishop and Audrey Roberts vote. Seriously.
11. Michael White says Harriet Harman is smart enough to know she's not smart enough. He gives good soundbite.
12. Alastair Campbell on Labour's NHS communications challenge.


Anonymous said...

The Lib Dem voice article about Clegg's gaffe misses the point.

Clegg was in effect saying the Price of Unemployment was worth paying if it meant the numbers of men in some industies increased as a result of the recession. I think Clegg misses the point that in families where a man for instance loses a job it is just going to lead to economic hardship.

The LD's are too thin skinned if they cannot admit Clegg made a gaffe with that. Clegg is a serial gaffer! That's why i suggested he be fitted with a Zip on my blog (For his mouth of course!!!). Seem to me Clegg needs his hands breaking so he cannot type either!

In a general Election I expect in terms of Gaffes - A full Monty!

The Grim Reaper said...

Arise, Sir Iain said "Michael White gives good soundbite."

That's me gone right off my midnight snack.

Anonymous said...

The Red Box have ceased on the LDV commentary on the Gaffe by Nick Clegg and say it is all about Vince Cable showing Nick Clegg to be inferior to Cable

Maybe the LD's should employ a method of controlling Clegg as i recently suggested in my Blog:

LD LD LD - Out Out Out!

Anonymous said...

If Gordon Brown wins the next election will the last person to leave please turn out the lights?

Anonymous said...

Nick Clegg = Neil Kinnock!

Rog T said...

One you missed. Boris Johnson's exciting new policy on drugs

The Boris Guide to Drugs

Great to see him leading the way !