Monday, February 23, 2009

The 'Initiative-itis' of Gordon Brown

I gather our dear Prime Minister has informed us that we are living in an "Era of action and interaction". How profound of him. This of course contrasts with Peter Mandelson's speech last week when he said politicians should beware of action for action's sake. He's right. Brown suffers from 'initiative-itis', which has resulted in government ministers running round like headless chickens trying to look like they have a strategy - when in fact all they have are a series of announcements which amount to very little. That's not action, it's called fiddling while Rome burns.


Oliver Drew said...

To expand on your Rome metaphor Iain...using the great fire of London as an example:

The solution to the problem is to create a firebreak, a line in the sand that cannot be passed.

What the government are trying to do is to put out the fires in each individual home - which in the end does not work.

What we need is for all the banks to publish all their debt. All of it. We then need the government to publish all our national debt, all of it. We then need the government to release all government spending - down to the last paperclip.

Then we can try and figure out a way to rebalance the economy and rebalance the books. Unfortunately, this government doesn't have the balls, or the clout, to do it.

The Tories could gain immensely in the long term if they said they would do this as a first priority in government.

Hacked Off said...

Where did Gordon McBroon come in the "Hello" poll of the world's 100 most influential people?

The Penguin

Trend Shed said...

Gordon sounds more and more like his 'Supreme Leader' caricature in Private Eye.

an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr Drew,

You really need to get out more. Discovered women yet?

an ex-apprentice said...

Dear Mr Dale,

Many thanks. Will try.

Anonymous said...

Agreed Oliver,how can we begin to sort out the mess till we know how big the mess is.
The conservatives need to tell us in plain english or they will be blamed for the measures they will have to take.Put the blame squarely where it belongs.
It's about time call me dave took the initiative for once.

Nick Drew said...

It's not even fiddling, just the usual:

- announce enquiry
- hint at banning bonuses (but don't)
- hint at banning 100%+ mortgages (but don't)
- want cake and eat it on bank regulation
- throw 'phone at wall ...

Oliver Drew said...

@an ex-apprentice...

My comment did turn into something of an essay I admit. Not intended I assure you!

Still, I stand by my thoughts - though next time I will be more concise.

Scary Biscuits said...

Ex-aprentice, it's self-pleasing attitudes like yours that have got us into this mess. Maybe you want to fiddle with yourself or talk about women, whilst the country careers towards a crisis in which many of us may well struggle to feed ourselves and our families. Leave the grown-up talk to the adults, there's a dear.

Dave H said...

Damn! Gordon’s just had his birthday and I forgot to send him his present.

Lola said...

It's not initiative-itis - it is entirely headless chicken time - they have no idea what they are doing. Or perhaps they do know what needs to be done (savage cuts in spending and taxes) but cannot bring themselves to do it because doing so would hammer the final nail into the coffin of credible leftyness.

Old Holborn said...

I notice Chris Grayling wishes to introduce curfews for unruly citizens

Nice one Chris. You totalitarian bastard

David Davis said... (nothing)

Tony said...

"That's not action, it's called fiddling while Rome burns."

Actually Iain, it would probably be more accurate to mark it as the very definition of rank incompetence.

Bill Quango MP said...

Dave H said...
Damn! Gordon’s just had his birthday and I forgot to send him his present.

Don't worry..We sent him a

Wyrdtimes said...

A number 10 initiative - and another attempt to push ahead with the "English regions" project. No need to give the English a vote on how we are governed.

Vienna Woods said...

Brown has no bloody initiative!. He's now launching a "copy" of Obama's "Recovery" website. What's the betting that in just a few weeks he will be laying claims to have invented the whole idea. He's clueless!

Guthrum said...

The only initiative needed now is the date for a new election.

Its all about confidence

Anonymous said...

Are you as dim as you sound Holborne?

Whats wrong with taking action against 'unruly citizens'? Personally I would prefer them to be in jail - but they are full.

strapworld said...

I do like Oliver Drew's suggestion.

Brown, of course will not do it, The banks will not do it. Will Cameron?

He must be straight with the people, telling them as it is!

-- ps for Chris Grayling
Why did the Conservative Party end Detention Centers?
Perhaps you could revisit the success of these! (they removed the real troublesome off the streets most weekends!)

So Home Detention Orders...that fails? Detention Centres? that fails.. Borstal! Why not return to the fifties/sixties? Of course the Liberals will say they did not work..I can tell you as a former policeman that young offenders hated them! They were tough regimes!

Plentry of work for former squaddies?

Old Holborn said...


We already a plethora of "rules" to keep people on the straight and narrow.

We need LESS laws properly used, not more badly used.

Also, who decides what is "unruly?"

DiscoveredJoys said...

That's not action, it's called racing about trying to borrow someone else's fiddle ... while Rome burns.

There, fixed that for you.

Plenty said...

"Rome wasn't built in a day, and I doubt this recession will end in a year."

The Grim Reaper said...

Why do I detect that the old tensions between Mandy and Brown have not gone away?

Mandy can make these subtle digs at the PM, and Brown can do nothing about it.

an ex-apprentice said...

Scary Biscuits

Lighten up dearie, it's only a catastrophe. Going around po-faced and bloody humourless all the time won't solve anything.

jon dee said...

Rumour has it that a new initiative spearheaded by Mandelson will see our Prime Minister in his new basketball kit to welcome President Obama to the G20.

Some say, team Harpersons Globaltrotters will be unveiling their new bananarama routine, choreographed by the Foreign Secretary, as a cheerleading escort.

Charlie Whelan is allegedly in charge of the "wall-to-wall" publicity.