Friday, February 20, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Friday

1. Dan Hannan is two years old today.
2. O'Conall Street critques a PPB by the Shinners.
3. How Did We Come To This gives our some recession awards.
4. Douglas Carswell on how to clean up Westminster.
5. Norfolk Blogger rails against Twitter and says people should get a life.
6. Danny Finkelstein asks if the GOP will ever 'get' the internet.
7. Matt Wardman offers some advice on how to deal with blogwars.
8. Whipped Senseless & Events, Dear Boy, Events ask why Hazel Blears is speaking out.
9. Jeremy Hunt explains some benefits madness.
10. Darren Murphy wonders if Hamas have written a letter to Obama.
11. LibDem Voice on why LibDems and Tories don't have much in common.
12. Letters from a Tory writes in praise of Frank Field.


The Grim Reaper said...

As someone who's in the process of setting up his own blog, I'm honestly baffled as to what the point of Twitter actually is. Most people just seem to use it as a publicity tool more than anything else. As if we need more adverts!

Colin said...

Check out this clip from Ben Brogan's blog...

_ said...

What I'd like to know is why the entire blogosphere, after (rightly) being up in arms about Jacqui Smith's censorship of Geert Wilders, seems to have completely ignored her very similar censorship of crazed American homophobic preacher Fred Phelps, who, like Wilders, was prevented from entering the country this week by Home Office diktat. The mealy-mouthed excuse in both cases was exactly the same: "This government opposes extremism in all its forms." Opposing "extremism" (whatever that means) is all very well, but Ms Smith failed to explain why this gives her and her New Labour cronies the right to decide which forms of speech are and are not acceptable, and to use the coercive power of the State to prevent unpopular views from being heard.

And it's disappointing that, while a multitude of bloggers are willing to stand up for Wilders' right to speak, they're remarkably silent on the topic of the even-less-palatable Rev. Phelps. Evidently even the most vehement self-proclaimed civil libertarians will keep quiet where it's politically inexpedient to speak out.

David Neale, Oxford

Rog T said...

Unlucky 13

The Boris Guide to Sex

Boris is at it again

Kate. said...

O'Conall's commentary was very good, and well highlighted Iain. I watched most of the presidential address which went on and on and on... it did have some good points but they were lost in among the spin. I thought he was never going to shut up.

Adams is a talking head - nothing more.

Anonymous said...

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