Monday, February 16, 2009

Quote of the Day: Clint Eastwood

"Whenever you spend like a drunken sailor,
eventually you've got to sober up."

Clint Eastwood


Dick the Prick said...

Unless you're Oliver Reed.

My local boozer holds a party every year on the anniversary of his death. How the hell he managed to the age he did is chaos theory made man.

Hamish said...

What make's this quote in any way worth mentioning?

Hacked Off said...


Were you not issued with a sense of humour, or have you left it somewhere?

The Penguin

Shaun said...

I think its an apt quote. Who honestly thinks that after ZaNuLab's banking binge (interestingly characterised on The Spectator as a reverse-nationalisation where rather than us owning the banks, they now own *us*), does anyone doubt that we'll wake up with one hell of a hangover?

Oldrightie said...

"does anyone doubt that we'll wake up with one hell of a hangover?"


I'll settle for waking up from an eleven year plus nightmare.

Hamish said...

The Penguin,
I think it's still there somewhere.

Proof, or otherwise, a great-uncle once observed of a drunken sailor:
"Tis pity he's ashore".

Anonymous said...

Apparantly Clint is more Democrat that Republican these days. It seems his new film is some sort of redemption allegory.

Which is fair enough.

On a completely different topic I am currently watching Rick Stein driving round the country finding out about his ancestors.
The interesting bit is he is using a 4x4 Chevrolet Captiva.
Funny thing is Fiona Bruce was driving a similar car last week.
I cannot believe they both own identical cars, so my conclusion is the BBC are providing American made gas guzzling 4x4's that are well known for destroying the planet (I know this because the BBC's Attenbourgh told me so last night).

Which ever way you cut it the Beeb are prize hypocrites.