Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Tweets of Today

  • 10:00 Taking @shanegreer to his first ever football match today - WHam v Middbro - possibly the most macho 90m minutes of Mr Greer's life so far! #
  • 11:51 Blogpost: The Derek Draper slo mo car crash continues apace #
  • 14:32 Just trying to explain the offside rule to @shanegreer over a chip butty. It is not going well. He asked if it was the same as LBW. #
  • 18:23 Having dinner at Granita, which is now a Mexican restaurant. No sign of Blair or Brown but Alex Hilton is here with a v pretty young lady! #
  • 21:16 Will be doing the BBC News Channel paper review with Tom Newton Dunn at around 11.20pm. #
  • 22:58 Christ knows how we are going to eke out ten minutes from tomorrows's front pages. It's Jade, Jade and more Jade. And wicked bankers. #
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Kevin James French Music said...

Ian Dale’s newspaper review, HBOS and Jade.
I just watched Ian Dale do the newspaper review on the BBC News channel with some other guy and it could have been 30 minutes long, instead of 10! Especially because ….. Tell you why at the end of this piece!
Last month when Sir Victor Blank was interviewed by Jeff Randal, he said he believed all the bad news about HBOS had already come out. Last Tuesday, Mr Daniels defended the merger with HBOS to MPs on the Treasury Select Committee, saying it was a good acquisition but today it appears the government will have to bail out the Lloyds Banking Group, again, effectively nationalising it. Three questions come to mind, do these two gentlemen understand banking? What about due diligence that company boards should do before mergers, although the merger happened over night, why did not these pair of bankers investigate HBOS's liquidity? Mr Daniels claims he was not told about HBOS's loss of £11bn until Friday; what kind of company is he running, when he didn’t know before going in front of a Parliamentary committee, of the existence of such a loss, can we believe any answers he gave?
Jade Goody I use to hate but now I feel sorry and inspire by her. Although it has encouraged more people to go for cancer screening I hope now, please she will end her days in dignity!
So after a ten minute Newspaper review, which Ian rightly felt was not long enough Andrew Neil’s Straight talk came on: the show I watched last night and so I went up one channel to BBC Parliament, unbeleivablely to find the same Andrew Neil show was on!
This means that there could have been a 30 minute newspaper review. Talk about the licence payers getting ripped off?

Tony_E said...

I have been hearing the allegations made by the RBS whistle blower this morning, and if proven they are devastating for Brown.

If true, they would suggest that Brown knew exactly what the state of RBS was before he encouraged the Lloyds deal (and tore up competition rules).

There has to be analysis of what Lloyds situation would have been had the merger not happened, would they have still needed government help?

Then the main question has to be: Was the encouragement of the deal purely driven towards the purpose of forcing LLoyds into government hands, at a price which the government would find advantageous?

Bob Piper said...

These one line twitterings were pretty dull and uninspiring first time round for those who follow those sort of inanities on twitter, Iain. I don't think there is any necessity to post them on the blog twice as well.

Tory Boy said...

I think the twitters are fun personally; after all, surely it's not often you get the words 'macho' and 'Greer' in the same sentence ;)

Gordon Brown said...

Twitter is interesting because some people's twitter feeds are completely dull and of no interest, such as "i'm eating a bacon roll", "i'm going shopping", etc. whilst others actually have something to say.

What is especially interesting is that some celebs who presumably have some talent are absolutely brilliant at writing the most tedious and dull twitter notes that you could ever imagine. Not mentioning any names - Paul Schofield and Fearne Cotton..........