Thursday, February 26, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Cicero's Songs responds in a thoughtful way to my post on the risks Nick Clegg might take.
2. Cranmer on Sam Coates's role as David Cameron's speechwriter.
3. Tory Bear says Conservative Future need some help from the centre.
4. Bob Piper on liberty.
5. Oliver Heald on a Thatcher-tastic week.
6. Andy McSmith on when PR can go terribly wrong.
7. Charlie Beckett asks if George Orwell would have blogged.
8. Danny Finkelstein on how we should deal with Hamas.
9. Hopi Sen describes what it's like to go on the Today Programme.
10. Letters from a Tory on the Cameron family tragedy.
11. Event's Dear Boy thinks the political weather has changed.
12. If you're born in Britain you;re British says Damian Green on ConHome.

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