Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Saturday

1. Tim Worstall is less than impressed by Frank Field's latest initiative.
2. Hopi Sen advises Gordon Brown what to say to Congress.
3. John Rentoul on the fall out between Labour's favourite pollsters.
4. Wrinkled Weasel is worried about sexually aroused film censors.
5. Dr Crippen advises banks not to patronise Master Dr Crippen Junior.
6. The new Bagehot blog thinks the civil liberties agenda could split the Conservatives asunder.
7. Sunder Katwala thinks Labour is still the party of civil liberties. No, really.
8. Chris Paul has the latest Downfall video on Hitler's failing Twitter strategy.
9. Guido has a video of Prescott and Campbell remembering my name, but not that of that fantastically successful Draperlist website thingy.
10. Alix Mortimer writes possibly the longest blogpost in the history of blogging, live from the Convention on Modern Liberty.
11. Hold the front page: Sunny Hundal is impressed with David Davis.
12. James Forsyth on the difference between three Prime Ministers.


Daily Referendum said...

Gordon Brown is to blame for UK recession.

The Grim Reaper said...

These Downfall videos just aren't as funny as they used to be. Why do they all have to use exactly the same scene from the movie? There's countless scenes in the film which would provide comedy gold as memes. To date however, I have not seen a single one to beat the 7-minute long Glasgow East by-election Downfall video. That was an absolute classic.

As for Dolly Draper, I notice yesterday that he was ranting at the Tory Totty blogger. Mr Totty himself, when I tipped him off about Derek's whinging about an unflattering picture of him on TT's blog, found it rather amusing. Is there ANY right-wing blogger whom Dolly hasn't had a pop at yet?

Anonymous said...

I am sorry but Worstall accuses Field of being a fascist (and compounds it with the adjective 'grotty') just because he mentions a citizenship ceremony.

As I write to him,
"I suspect that if you were to emigrate to say Australia you would have to go through a citizenship ceremony.

And anyway this is in fact already the govts latest wheeze. To get immigrants to take a citizenship ceremony.

I suspect Field is only repeating what is the current law and practice of the land. And you are being needlessly abusive.

Try an apology"

Chris Paul said...

Cheers for the link Iain. The whole point of the Downfall thing, like the Rickrolling thing is that one element is fixed. And in terms of film theory it's interesting. Normally, the theory goes the balance of information between video and audio is around 50:50. Some saying that audio had=s the edge and demonstrating this by completely changing the feel of particular sequences of images by changing the music and words.

Here the video and audio are constants. The essence of the gag is the sub titling. It may be wearing a bit thin. But this one isn't so bad.

Rog T said...

Another Boris Special !!!!!!

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