Monday, February 16, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Mr Eugenides on the message Rangers fans had for John Reid yesterday.
2. Liberal England asks who is threatening Alex Hilton.
3. Antony Little reports some skulduggery by Norwich LibDems in a by-election. In other news, bears are found defecating in the woods.
4. Alastair Campbell bares his soul about his marital problems. Up the Claret & Blues!
5. Bob Piper (rightly) rails against The Sun's treatment of the Boy Father story.
6. Pink News on David Cameron's comments on gay issues in the Total Politics interview.
7. Liam Murray on risk and reward in the banking sector.
8. John Redwood says the mood of the blogs reflects the mood of the nation.
9. James Forsyth says Nick Herbert will be the rural voice in the Shadow Cabinet.
10. Martin Bright warns not to underestimate the LibDems.
11. And as if on cue, Paul Waugh analyses the way Cameron is love bombing the LibDems.
12. PoliticalBetting on the move back to the Tories on spreadbetting markets.

And PoliticalBetting's Mike Smithson questions whether Derek Draper is trying to bring down the whole British political blogosphere.

I have also added some more blogs to my blogroll down the left...

Martin Bright - just joined the Spectator Coffee House blog stable
Cicero's Songs - a must read LibDem
Party Lines - the Total Politics blog
Richard Willis - a Tory councillor in Reading
LabourHome - out of comradely solidarity
Conservative History Journal
Lords of the Blog


Dick the Prick said...

Our Parliament has become weak: irrational.

Lawson said...

Dick! Irrational is a gurlie wurd. Our Parliament,is as a Global Institution "Insane" or possibly "Inane."

There is no possibility that it could ever be considered a feminist dominated establishment. Or is there?

wv = plunt? WTF?

Bob Piper said...

Iain, count back the references to Derek Draper on your blog over the last week. You are in danger of becoming obsessional, and, worst of all for you.... errm, a tad boring about this. You've had your say, he's had his, couldn't you both now move on a bit.

Anonymous said...


You've given us good sport with Draper. Now just ignore the silly little man. Completely. I know it's like putting your tongue in a hole in a tooth, but resist it!