Sunday, February 01, 2009

January Statporn

628,201 Individual Readers in the Last 12 Months

Traffic in January was the highest ever, with absolute unique visitors at 82,691, 15% higher than the previous best month, which was May 2008.

Year on Year Absolute Unique Visitors +50%
1 Feb 2008-31 Jan 2009 628,210 1 Feb 2007-31 Jan 2008 418,589

Absolute Unique Visitors +36% year on year +64%
January 2009 82,691 - January 2007 50,350 - Dec 2008 70,602

Visits +39% year on year +41%
January 2009 380,148 - January 2008 270,293 - Dec 2008 - 330,849

Page Loads +33%
December 2008 550,684 - January 2008 412,768 - Dec 2008 476,397

Here are my top 20 linking sites (ie incoming hits) for January, according to Google Analytics.

1. - Guido Fawkes 41,474 (27,001)
2. - ConservativeHome 16,707 (14,357)
3. - Spectator Coffee House 15,571, (13,496)
4. - PoliticalBetting 10,442 (8,607)
5. - Dizzy Thinks 4,292 (3,231)
6. +3 Obnoxio the Clown 1,765 (1,666)
7. +3 Ben Brogan 1,688 (1,474)
8. -1 Daniel Finkelstein & Red Box 1,582 (1,995)
9. -1 Biased BBC 1,358 (1,749)
10. +2 Tom Harris 975 (1,300)
11. - Telegraph blogs 839 (1,390)
12. NEW Ambush Predator 822 (-)
13. +3 Little Man in a Toque 790 (858)
14. +1 Bob Piper 734 (864)
15. -2 Daily Referendum 706 (908)
16. +2 Archbishop Cranmer 696 (649)
17. NEW SNP Tactical Voting 674 (-)
18. NEW Boulton & Co 627 (-)
19. NEW LabourList 586 (-)
20. NEW John Redwood 523 (-)

Some popular search phrases

"would iain dale talk to a bunch of naked people"
"ed balls twat"
"iain dale celebrity big brother"
"most shaggable blogger"

Source: All figures are from Google Analytics.


JuliaM said...

".."would iain dale talk to a bunch of naked people".."

Well, would you...? ;)

Jeremy Jacobs said...

Theo Spark's "The Last Of The Few" seems exceptionally popular.

Old Holborn said...

If anyone is interested, Derek Draper gets 725 vistors a day

go Derek

Atlas Shrugged said...

Fawkes, Cranmer, PB, B-BBC, and even Redwood ( bless him ) seem to be finally getting their marbles lined up in a straight line for once.

What was once called mad CONSPIRACY theory is now becoming mainstream common sense. Although of course far too late to do anything constructive or legal about the situation.

Which of course is why we have had such a sudden collapse in confidence in our future economic prospects. They conspired to cause a PANIC and a PANIC is what they will get, even if the establishment have to give it another helping unseen hand.

Big and extremely expensive changes in the world, need usually World Wars to help them along. The establishment has calculated that conspired economic collapse, can now have the desired effect without the need for masses of bombs and bullets. The world has been made to be interdependent on itself precisely to make our economic situation as seemingly desperate as possible.

Things are ONLY desperate because a very small group of very nasty pathologically insane murderous criminals, are pulling all the strings.

We are being played like a fiddle, by our ruling criminal class. This is not new by any means. It is business as usual as far as the extremely super rich and powerful are concerned.

These almost unheard of characters sometimes have the odd lovers tiff, and are constantly competing for status and relative power. But are far more united at the top, then we are at the bottom. This is very much how they intend to keep it.

A future New World Order, has no place or time for democracy. If the ruling criminal class could not have controlled it at least 95% of the time, we would never have been allowed to have it in the first place.

Iain if this is not completely obvious to you now, it will become so very soon indeed.

As a Conservative I do believe that which party gets elected can and still does make a difference to the small but still important details of everyday life. However the big picture, and the ultimate conclusion of it all, was written in stone many many decades ago.

The BBC is the closest thing to the establishments megalomania.

Therefore do not trust the BBC to be in any way whatsoever to be working in the interests of your country,yourself or your family, and understand that the truth and the BBC is as far apart from each other, as Mars is from Jupiter.

It is now the time for the internet to truly come into its own. It will be very interesting to see if it was ever really intended to be up to the job.

JuliaM said...

"If anyone is interested, Derek Draper gets 725 vistors a day"

Didn't know he had that many relatives.... ;)

no longer anonymous said...

Oh no, Atlas Shrugged has found his way here. Prepare for an essay a day on the illuminati.

Back on topic, amusing to see the trolls on Guido were wrong about you losing readers.

Old Holborn said...

Are you absolutely sure I didn't send you any readers Iain?

Seems a bit strange. I sent you over 5,000 last month.

Or is it because you called me a "revolting piece of scum" this month?

Iain Dale said...

I thought you had stopped blogging.

Tory Boy said...

Perish the thought that anyone would search for "Ed Balls" and "Twat". Never before have these words been uttered in the same sentence ...

Old Holborn said...

Rumours of my death are greatly exagerated Iain.

I rarely post myself but have the wonderul Leg Iron, the Ranting Penguin, Libertarian Guthrum and odd ball Stanislav amongst my contributing authors.

It means I don't spend all day slaving over a hot Twitter or worshipping at the Alter of Blackberry.

Plato said...

So Mr Draper just has 59 999 275 more visitors to go to reach his target.

Ah bless.

Perhaps he should just rethink the 2000 word knocking copy essay strategy that passes for his blog.

Just a thought.

Savonarola said...

The question posed by OH remains unanswered.

Did the Old Holborn blog site refer visitors and if so were there enough to be included in the list published? I think we should be told.

OH will be miffed if Obnoxia has nicked his place in the roll of honour.

Labourlist will not survive a full year after the next election.

Derek(God bless) will retrurn to sorting out the minds of teenagers.

Old Holborn said...

If you haven't read Stanislav on my blog, you haven't lived.

He is currently writing the history of Gordon Brown and the Labour Party

How long before Private Eye sign him up?

The Grim Reaper said...

Nice one, Iain.

And as much as I hate to say it, congratulations on the increased number of people looking at your blog too, Mr Holborn.

Martin S said...

Well done, Iain! If I had even 1/4 of your visitors to my sites, I'd be a very happy chap! :o)