Monday, February 23, 2009

The Daley Dozen: Monday

1. Guido reports that Alex Hilton is making a good recovery (from Meningitis) and is on morphine.
2. Dizzy doesn't think much of a new government website called RealHelpNow.
3. Malc in the Burgh on the meaning of time.
4. Martin Bright says if you see Gordon Brown, don't mention to L word.
5. Mr Eugenides on the shamelessness of David Blunkett.
6. Tom Harris on why term limits for MPs are a bad idea. And they are.
7. Charles Crawford looks ahead 30 years.
8. Paul Waugh reckons Ed Balls got one over on Ken Clarke.
9. Labour Peer Toby Harris criticises his own party in Waltham Forest.
10. PoliticalBetting on the latest opinion poll, showing the LibDems crashing by 4 points, and the Tories and Labour both up 2.
11. West Brom Blog says the Government shouldn't bail out a Russian billionaire.
12. Colin Byrne says Mandy & the Chipmunk are talking sense.


The Flying Spaghetti Monster said...

wv = tareeqa he in Gitmo? Binyam Mohammed isn't.

Resist the wicked NuLab regime!

seebag said...

New website RealHelpNow appears to be the usual patronising rubbish, but then what would you expect from a government that spends a fortune on a full page colour ad in a national paper telling you not to fall over and bump your head. Just unbelievable the ways that Labour can p*ss our money away - you would think the streets of London were paved with gold the way they splash the cash around.

Cynic said...

Alex Hilton on morphine.

Great!! Can we get some for the Cabinet?

Newmania said...

Thats rather serious about Alex Hilton . Hope all goes well for him ( knob though he is)

Anonymous said...

Many thanks for the link.

Anonymous said...

From reading the Telegraph - which sadly I still find myself doing - it seems the big announcement of £14 billion for new Northern Rock mortgages is not all that it seems.
It is in fact 'only' £3 billion of new money. Some £9 billion is already being held by Northern Rock.

Also it is not going to be much help to new buyers.

"the bank will lend no more than 90 per cent of value, and in most cases much less than that"

"the bank would be making "relatively small loans to unlock chains" "

Its going to lend £5 billion this year. I guess this is going to be helpful (although somewhere down the line the taxpayer is still owed £14 billion) - but is this a case yet again of the govt (ie Brown) making grand announcements which will, can, only have limited effect.

Simon Gardner said...

Methinks these polls are atonishingly volatile and inconsistent.

Anonymous said...

Go to the guardian and you do not see the libdems 'crashing' by 4 points - they show labour and tories down and libs UP. Its all down to which of their polls you compare it to.

The Guardians reporting is one eyed to say the least.

go ahead compare political betting's headliine figure with the guardian's

meantime Newsnight and Crick were doing their best to do a hatchet job on Ashcroft.

They also had a go at Clarke's Health Secretary record.