Thursday, April 03, 2008

New Labour Macht Frei

This is the logo from tomorrow's Progressive Governance Summit which Gordon Brown is hosting. Does it remind you of anything? I wonder how long it will last on THIS page of the Number Ten Website. It's astonishing that no one spotted this. An MP might also like to ask how much that logo cost to design. For you Gordon, ze Summit iz over!


Anonymous said...

Perhaps you should call them "New Socialists" instead of 'New Labour' - they could then shorten this to the "Nezi Party" and people might begin to understand where they are coming from

Anonymous said...

What next? Invitation to Max Mosley for tea.

Anonymous said...

oh my, could you sink any lower Iain?

Anonymous said...

That logo is the spitting image of a Swastika.

To be quite frank, there is no way that the designers would not have known that.

Iain Dale said...

Martyn, yup, you win the prize for the most predictable comment!

Anonymous said...

What's the prize Iain? A weekend for two at Auschwitz-Birkenau?

You're way out of line with this.

Anonymous said...

Well I blame Lord Ashcroft

Iain Dale said...

What do you mean "way out line"? Who are you to tell me what to write on my blog? The fact that the government authorises a logo which is very like a Swastika is worthy of comment in my book. I'd like to know who authorised it and how much was spent on it. As a lefty (which I assume you must be) I'm surprised you are not horrified by them using this.

Anonymous said...

You assume I'm a 'lefty' because I disagree with you?

I'm not anyone to tell you what to put on your blog, but you have no idea what sort of emotions you are dealing with here; using text like New Labour Macht Frei is suggesting that our Current Labour govt. has similarities to the Nazi party is nothing but a spit the face for those who suffered at the hands of that Evil party, you should be ashamed to even infer it.

You're right, it bares a similarity to the Swastika, but if you look at the site in context it's clearly a blue box being circled by arrows.

Why do you assume I'm a 'lefty' because I disagree with you? I wouldn't be here if I didn't agree with much of what you write but I am not one of your fan boy readers who laps up every word, I disagree, you allow me to do so - something the Nazi's would never have done.

Anonymous said...

10 Downing street represented by a Swastika?

Surely this has to be the greatest PR error that New labour has ever made.

Unless it is not an error that is.

Anonymous said...

How could anybody with trace of common sense authorize that logo for any purpose whatsoever, let alone on a Government website?

And someone was paid for designing it?

Was it deliberate sabotage I wonder?

Anonymous said...

It bears a very very thin resemblance to a Swastika. If you squint hard. And if you really really want to believe it's a Swastika. And if you want to find any tawdry excuse to attack the Government.

Still Iain it's not just you with the immature finger pointing, it's Guido and ContinuityIDS as well, so a big clap clap to all you special people.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if Martyn had problems when people compared Gordon Brown to Stalin? Probably not...but then the evil Russian Communist regime which killed millions would be acceptable in the eyes of people like Diane Abbot.

Anonymous said...


You inferred that, not Iain. So should you be ashamed of doing so, or of your poor grammar, or both?

Iain didn't even imply any such thing, the story is about the symbol bearing similarity a swastika, not New Labour bearing similarity to the Nazis.

Anonymous 8:36 pm

How come when I showed it to someone her immediate reactions was "that's a swastika"?

Surely what is thin here is your defence of an indefensible decision to spend (presumably our) money on a symbol that is not only pointless and being used for political purposes, but turns out to display the emblem of National Socialism, the second darkest manifestation of the left, close behind Communism. When an authoritarian socialist party associated with bullying its political opponents and subverting the constitution and rule of law, and in its dark corners even associated with anti-semitism, starts using such potent symbols surely we all should start to voice disquiet.

Anonymous said...

Could we all remember that the swastika was hijacked by the Nazis, but had been a Middle Eastern symbol of good luck - many Asian households in our constituency have them on their houses nowadays.

Anonymous said...

It is ridiculas to sugest that Gordon Brown is anything like Adolf Hitler.

Hitler was elected.

Anonymous said...

If they were not so incompetent, we would all be speaking German by now.

hatfield girl said...

The Labour Prime Minister is to make an address, and the literature advertising it bears an unmistakable swastika as its logo.

This regime is too big for its boots; its propagandists have drawn on imagery from authoritarianism for a long time, amusing themselves with what they thought most of us would not recognise. But we do, and it makes New Labour and its Project even more alien to our democracy.

Anonymous said...

Could we all remember that the swastika was hijacked by the Nazis, but had been a Middle Eastern symbol of good luck - many Asian households in our constituency have them on their houses nowadays.

So nobody would be offended if the BNP adopted it as their new logo

Anonymous said...

Good proof that Brown is blind in one eye and deaf in both ears

Unsworth said...

"It's astonishing that no one spotted this"

No, no, no. You obviously have not understood. The logo is merely a trivial external manifestation of the Masterplan. The State is all powerful, and the people are its servants.

Next week we invade Poland. There will be no resistance as we have captured all the Poles (or 'plumbers' as they are sometimes called) and incarcerated them here. Already we are capturing Russians so that we can move East to Moscow and beyond. Some of them are so gullible that they believe their money will buy them football clubs and other untold riches. How stupid they will look when we nationalise Chelsea and other football clubs like West Ham.

World domination is now within our grasp. Have faith in the glorious Führer Brown.

Britain First said...

This logo blatantly IS a swastika. It's the first thing you notice when you see it!

And how dare anyone suggest New Labour has Nazi tendencies. Activists and peaceful protesters arrested under new terror laws; demonstration exclusion zone around Parliament; longest pre-trial detention period amongst comparable countries; 4.2 million CCTV cameras, with Privacy International concluding that surveillance in Britain is 'endemic'; etc. Nooo, nothing Nazi about that at all.

Anonymous said...

The Labour party. Not too smart, are they?

Anonymous said...


You are an idiot.

This is no mistake. These types of things NEVER ARE please believe me, your life may depend on it.

Iain. You are so stuck in the seventies its almost embarrassing. What makes you think lefties should or would be against Socialism in any of its nasty forms?

SOCIALISM is SOCIALISM is SOCIALISM, which are all left wing.

The one and only thing socialism is not is liberal or more accurately Libertarian, which is the only thing that is right wing. If you don't know that, you are in the wrong party along with nearly all Conservative MPs.

Our government was fighting the last war for a Anglo-American form of Fascism. Against a united European form of Fascism under German domination.


Most of the British and American people however were fighting for personal liberty and freedom against state authoritarianism.

That was until the bullets started flying. At that point allied troops where fighting for their mates and to stay alive long enough to see their own families again.

We can I hope, finally see that the last two world wars were a pointless wast of time, money and lives for the ordinary people of the USSR, The USA, and The British Commonwealth of Nations. All their suffering managed to achieve was to delay the inevitable, and save a few million Jews. While costing the lives of countless millions more of other innocent civilian and conscripted souls.

Never gain I hope, will young men fight in a BANKSTERS war, because there is now no freedoms and liberties in Europe Briton or America worth dieing for.

ABSOLUTELY NONE WHATSOEVER I am sorry to say. However many freedoms and liberties we still think we have.

If any still seem to exist it is only because our western governments have not quite worked out yet how to remove every single last one of them, without some kind of revolution of the common man taking place.

When the worlds establishments bankers and cell mates finally believe the job is all but done. They will quickly put into operation long held plans to reduce the population of the world by at least 65% using any method available at the time. So they can then introduce their own already created highly intelligent super human beings, that have no normal human disabilities or free will, to replenish the earth.

Call it fantasy, call it paranoia call it conspiracy theory if you wish. Just like a certain German propaganda minister did 70 years ago. It will not make any difference, and it certainly will not stop it happening.

There are very big and very important people running this world. They do NOT go by the names of Bush, Clinton, Brown, Cameron, or Blair. They also clearly do not give a flying f..k about the lives of you and me.

It is not scaremongering. It is the reason why, unless you have your head deeply buried in the ground, that your current reality makes no possible sense understood any other way.

Anonymous said...

9:08 - Judith, the swastika,but facing the other way,is an ancient Buddhist sign. Not Middle Eastern.

Personally, I don't think this symbol looks like a swaztika and it wouldn't have occurred to me until you made such an issue of it.

What offends me far more is they have made their cheap, dinky logo larger than the royal crest. This is an indicator of what they consider to be the most important element. Some tawdry, lying, self-serving politicians or the symbol of our head of state.

OTOH, how funny it would be to see Harriet Harperson in her kelvar uniform saluting it. Can't someone do a mock-up?

ScotsToryB said...


You're a boor, man.


Anonymous said...

They are responding, but too late methinks.

If you click on the link to the website you now get

The server at Progressive Governance requires a username and password.

Anonymous said...

Apart from sending their trained monkeys to pooh pooh this story, they have password protected the page.

So now who does not think it resembles a Swastika?

I am taking money on the logo disappearing altogether. It will not be seen again.

@molesworth_1 said...

It came from here...

...and to my eye, it didn't look like a swastika. It lookied a f***ing mess, mind you, but not particularly like a swastika.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous at 9:54 pm:

How does it feel to be as crazy as a rat in a coffee can?

Anonymous said...

Will they be discussing British jobs for British workers?

Larry Sheldon said...

Box circled with aoorows.


And the Flight 93 thing is just an incomplete circle.

Anonymous said...

Well they might have hidden it, but if anyone wants to see it I have a screenshot saved. We all knew they were going to hide theis and pretend it never happened.

Anonymous said...

you're a stupid gay cunt, I hope you die of aids.

Anonymous said...

you really are all pathetic.
Bye Bye
Figures down next month.

Anonymous said...

If this was something from "The Thick of It" I'd think that they had moved from the possible to the plain daft.

You'd put it in the same impossible catagory as a Royal Prince or the head of a powerful sporting organization dressing up as a Nazi!

But no - for our poitical class today this has to be par for the course.

What next?

Gordon Brown dressing as Queen Victoria when he gives HRH The Queen her weekly briefing?

The Leader of the Opposition wearing the full dress uniform of a Mounted Tyrolian Fusilier (Reitende Tiroler Landesschützen) of the Austro-Hungarian Empire at Prime Ministers Question Time?

The Boy Clegg featured in a centerfold in The Liberator dressed as Andy Pandy?

Anonymous said...

Judith stated:

"Could we all remember that the swastika(स्वस्तिक)was hijacked by the Nazis, but had been a Middle Eastern symbol of good luck"

I dont think that true. India is not in the Middle East.
It has also been found in ancient Greek architecture, clothing and coin designs.
In Chinese, Korean, and Japanese art, the swastika is often found as part of a repeating pattern.
The swastika symbol was found extensively in the ruins of the ancient city of Troy and can also be found in some of the mosaics in the ruins of Pompeii.
The swastika shape was used by some Native Americans. It has been found in excavations of Mississippian-era sites in the Ohio valley. It was widely used by many southwestern tribes, most notably the Navajo. Among various tribes, the swastika carried different meanings.
The Angles and Saxons also used them.

Take a look here:


"...many Asian households in our constituency have them on their houses nowadays"

Which adequately proves my point.

Anon stated:

"It bears a very very thin resemblance to a Swastika. If you squint hard. And if you really really want to believe it's a Swastika. And if you want to find any tawdry excuse to attack the Government."

You fibber! I can see it looks like a swastika...and im not squinting!
I think the symbolism is very fitting! New labour are fascists and wannabe nazis after all. If the cap fits, wear it. I think Anthony Blair would look very debonaire with a headboy cap come swastika get up don't you?
Nobody needs ANY excuse to attack new labour. As for calling new labour a government. Well, that's a bit rich.

Anonymous said...

Not only does it look like a Swastika, it leaps right out at you as a Swastika. It may be blue and have some red around it, but is is extremely similar.

It even has the same orientation!

The angle of it is the same as the original and is facing the same direction.

Aaron Murin-Heath said...

Verity is right.

It doesn't look particularly like a swastika. Unless of course you were deliberately looking to make the connection.

Or maybe you have a swastika fetish. It's unclear at this point. It would explain a lot though...

Anonymous said...

Was this new swastica logo James Purnell's wonderful idea?

He has form, after all.

'Every follower of Tony Blair should have a catchy slogan and here is James Purnell's. "Work makes you happy," he keeps saying. Of course, this would not be connected in any way with the old Nazi slogan, displayed in wrought-iron above the concentration camp gates "Arbeit macht Frei" or "Work sets you free".'


Anonymous said...

Enabling bill last used by Hitler so why the shock?
Has nobody yet seen the new police insignia that once inside the EU with no escape hatch for sure it will become common place?
First seen in Blackpool 2006 at the BNP conference.
The so called anti facists were so shocked they forgot all about the BNP and turned their cameras onto the new police gear.
Can be viewed at Prison planet by asking for British police insignia nazi chic.
Wait for the food ration books that will cause hair to stand on end.
What amases me is how little our population knows about these MPs which includes poliytricksters from all three parties.

Anonymous said...

I saw the swastika in the pattern before I even read the text next to it. I tried to see a blue box being circled by arrows, but arrows usually consist of consummate v's which that doesn't, so I just saw a little blue box anchoring the center of a swastika.

It's such an obvious, purposefully placed image, it could not have gone unnoticed by anyone.