Thursday, April 17, 2008

The Daley Dozen: Thursday

1. Andrew Porter on the George Bush & Nick Robinson show.
2. Iain Murray has launched a new climate sceptical blog called The Really Inconvenient Blog.
3. Taking Liberties on Boris and blogging.
4. Simon Chapman on the world's most irritating political slogan. Can you guess what it is?
5. Phil Taylor says that if competence is the question, Boris has the answer.
6. Nadine reckons she knows what Charles Clarke is up to.
7. Guido sets the record straight over the Hain fake emails.
8. Cranmer on the Bishop of Durham and the BNP.
9. Bob Piper on Piers Morgan and a popular beat music combo.
10. Burning our Money on dodgy building contractors.
11. John Redwood wants to be more European!
12. Daily Referendum has a video message on the Lisbon Treaty.

1 comment:

asquith said...

Right, so Redwood believes in a proper public transport system, does he? I've seen it all now.